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Episode 72 – [Personal] Dreaming and Living a Better Life & Business

Having your own business is the dream of many people, yet something that many people are afraid to step into.

Why are we so afraid to pursue our dream business?

In this Dream Nation episode, we tackle those questions and provide some tips on how you can start to plan your move to a business that is perfect for you. Along the way, Casanova shares his own background that led him into real estate, why he chose real estate, and how he learned to build something bigger than a real estate agent.


What You’ll Learn In this Episode

  • Why you need to write and see your goals to reach your dream life
  • The importance of memories in our life
  • What inspired Casanova to be a real estate agent
  • The “4 Quadrants” in Robert Kiyosaki’s “Cashflow Quadrant” (and Casanova’s experience in each one)
  • Why Casanova chose to become an investor
  • The importance of ownership
  • Casanova’s ultimate goal as an entrepreneur


Play it Back: Key Moments to Listen 

[2:09] Creating a vision for your future


[2:52] Why you need to see your goals every day


[4:20] The importance of choosing goals that work for you


[5:07] The importance of memories


[7:00] How to create your perfect life


[10:38] The 4 Quadrants in “The Cashflow Quadrant”


[15:00] The importance of ownership


Resources to Check Out

Rich Dad, Poor Dad


The Cashflow Quadrant


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