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How to Grow Beyond Your Limitations with Brandi Harvey Episode #71

At Dream Nation, our vision is to help you “dream bigger”…but how do you do that?

How do you dream bigger when you aren’t clear on what your vision is?

How do you dream bigger when you get fired?

How to Grow Beyond Your Limitations?

How do you dream bigger when you feel overwhelmed?


These are the questions that Brandi Harvey, daughter of multi-millionaire entertainer/business mogul Steve Harvey, shared in a powerfully uplifting episode that covered everything from failure to therapy and obstacles.


If you’re looking for a quick dose of powerful inspiration and a treasure trove of wisdom nuggets, grab a notebook (maybe popcorn) and dive in on this episode!


Here’s What You Missed

  • Dealing with the pressure of creating your own path
  • Why access doesn’t mean progress
  • Talent vs work ethic
  • How to work through feeling lost
  • Building your business from scratch
  • How to motivate yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Turning a personal brand into a business
  • Finding mentors…even when you think you can’t
  • Why being fired by Steve Harvey was the best thing that happened to Brandi
  • Why therapy is important


Important Podcast Moments

[1:24] Growing up with a power mindset


[2:58] Being the daughter of Mr. Steve Harvey


[5:34] You can’t live my dreams….


[10:53] How did you build your business from scratch?


[13:42] Motivation


[17:22] Mentoring


[18:45} What was your biggest failure?


[20:00] Therapy


[23:11] Non-negotiable


[24:00] Living in the overflow


[24:58] Creating boundaries


Quotes to Remember

“I knew in the fourth grade, when I dressed up as a businesswoman for Halloween, that I was going to do something different with my life.”


“I feel like every job I ever had trained me to do this business.”


“I’ve had to put in the work.”


“It’s making sure that I have my eyes and ears open at all times.”


“I wish I would have started therapy early.”


“Therapy is my non-negotiable.”


“I’m always living in the overflow.”


“If you want to step into the ..fullness of your life, you going to have to let go of the little things.”


“If you’re going to be successful, you’re going to have be committed to what’s happening in the middle.”


“It’s your birthright to win.”

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Guest Bio

Brandi Harvey is an author, podcaster, speaker, influencer, businesswoman, former executive who turned her own journey to health into a movement creator with a mission to help women of color maximize their health to the fullest impact. .She also happens to be the daughter of celebrity Steve Harvey.



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