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How To Build a Ten Million Dollar Business From Scratch with Grant Cardone

How To Build a Ten Million Dollar Business

Most of us have dreamed of owning a million-dollar business at some point in our lives. But the thing is, the idea of actually building one may seem a bit far-fetched. How did Grant Cardone build million dollar business from scratch? You’re probably thinking, ‘Is it even possible for an ordinary person like me to build something as grand as that?’

Grant Cardone’s story is proof that it is.

This world-renowned speaker and entrepreneur who now owns at least five companies that make at least $300 million in sales each year, has had to go through a difficult phase in his life to get to where he is now.  You’ve probably heard about Grant Cardone and his company, Cardone Capital. This time, however, you’ll hear the story behind the name.

A life-changing choice paves the way to riches

Born in Louisiana in 1958, Grant Cardone lived quite an ordinary life. But somewhere along the way, Grant became addicted to drugs. Grant found himself trapped in a huge financial pit and one day found himself unemployed.  That life went on for a decade and he felt things looked hopeless for him. Even his mother gave up all hope that he would turn his life around. 

Until one day, Grant decided that he’s had enough, he made a decision that he was no longer going to allow his obsession with drugs to take over and ruin his life. Grant decided that he was going to be his own superhero, and it was that choice that changed everything for him.

After going into rehab, He stopped hanging out with those who he knew would only drag him and keep him from succeeding. He stopped going with the flow and started listening to his intuitions. Gradually, Grant changed his life for the better.

But that was only the beginning of his journey toward millions.

How To Build a Ten Million Dollar Business From Scratch with Grant Cardone
How To Build a Ten Million Dollar Business

3 Things You Can Do to Start Changing Your Life According to Grant Cardone

this are the 3 things you can do to change the life according to Grant Cardone and also to know “How To Build a Ten Million Dollar Business” you should start this 3 things.

  • Make the Decision
  • Build the Right Network
  • Look for opportunities

do check out all 3 things in-depth details to learn How To Build a Ten Million Dollar Business From Scratch with Grant Cardone.

#1: Make the decision

Before you think of what you can start changing about your environment or yourself, you have to make the decision first. You need that firm determination that TODAY is the day that you’ll make the needed changes. NOT tomorrow, next week, or next month, or some other time. Because let’s be honest— is never going to be easy. 

Remember: No one else can make this decision for you. Your heart has to be in this 100% for your efforts to work.

#2: Build the right network

It’s not just about your will and determination, it’s also about the environment that you choose to surround yourself with. Why stay with the wrong crowd and make things even harder for yourself? If you want to start making millions, then you need to surround yourself with people with the same goal as you. Hang out with people who will help you move forward toward your ultimate destination in life, not with those who will try and keep you from becoming the best version of yourself.  

Remember: If you don’t see yourself growing with the people you’re with right now, then start cleaning up your network.

#3: Look for opportunities

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or what color your skin is, you have opportunities waiting for you. You simply need to learn how to find them. You wouldn’t see an opportunity if you haven’t been looking for one. Even sometimes, opportunity can be right in front of you BUT you just don’t realize it.  Your next opportunity might just be with someone or somewhere. You just need to get out of your comfort zone and get them.

Remember: Create your own opportunity – take action.

How To Build a Ten Million Dollar Business From Scratch with Grant Cardone
How To Build a Ten Million Dollar Business From Scratch with Grant Cardone

In this episode of the Dream Nation Real Estate Podcast, Grant Cardone reveals how he was able to build his 10-million dollar business empire from nothing. 

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