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How To Evolve From Entrepreneur To Leader | Episode #73

As Josh Snow will tell you, his background did not set him up for his future. He didn’t grow up with a laptop in the basement, like other founders. He didn’t have investors lining up for his first product launch.

He had the library.

But with that simple location, Josh Snow was able to become a millionaire by 17.

Likewise, when Josh Snow built one of the world’s most famous oral care brands, he didn’t take the typical avenue of a millionaire CEO. He didn’t use investors. He didn’t do pitch decks and fancy presentations.

He used his own money.

Find out what superpower tapped into that allowed him to achieve these successes over and over again in his life in this powerful episode that is full of knowledge nuggets you won’t hear anywhere else.

Evolve From Entrepreneur To Leader in 2021

Here’s What You Missed

  • How Josh created a loophole in a reading competition…and ended up an entrepreneur
  • How to become an entrepreneur…when you don’t have resources
  • Is there a bad side to “having it all?”
  • Dealing with the pressure of achievement
  • How do you make a business off a skill I learn from books and YouTube videos?
  • Handling the inferiority complex and not pushing forward
  • Why we shouldn’t fall into the “comparison trap”
  • Why chasing a magical “money goal” may not give you real happiness


Important Podcast Moments

[1:00] Josh’s superhero entrepreneur story

[8:50] What was it like balancing life as a teen in a poor neighborhood, the library, and building a business at the same time?

[11:35] The superpowers you can develop as a teen in an underserved community

[14:50] How Josh Snow hacked college faster

[20:05] Too much success = bad?

[31:32] Failure while succeeding?

[41:12} But I don’t have a mentor?

[50:17] How did you come up with your current business?

[59:52] What were some new books that have recently inspired you?


Quotes to Remember

“I didn’t know I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I didn’t know what that meant.”

“Growing up, I always wanted better for myself.”

“I wanted to be a creator, a producer…not just a consumer.”

“I had made my first million dollars by 17..”

“I am not going to expect anything less than giving it my all.”

“At 22, I felt lost because I had ‘Wonder Boy’ syndrome.”

“You have to make sure that you’re listening to the signals, not the noise.”

“In reality, we’re all going through our own challenges…”

“What are you willing to sacrifice on your way to this arbitrary number?”

“Shattering that poverty mindset was key for me.”

“The game gets harder, but you gotta get better.”

“A brand is built by consistency and saying no.”

“We are in the most prosperous time of history.”

“The mind is the most powerful machine on the planet.”

Guest Bio

Josh Snow is a teen who taught himself coding and built a million-dollar business from it. Snow went on to create and exit several million-dollar businesses. He is the founder and CEO of SNOW, a global oral care company he built from scratch.

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