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DreamNation Real Estate Episode 52 – Cliff Freeman: Shifting to A Revolutionary Mindset

Are you someone who wants to start making your way in real estate or someone who is already in the industry but is in doubt of changing the course of your journey because you might have already missed your chance? Remember, it’s never too late to start something that you really want to do, especially if it’s meant for you.

For today’s episode, we have Cliff Freeman to share with us how he shifted his mindset, why he followed the path that he felt was made for him and he was called for, and how he was planned to fulfill his legacy as he connects with over 6,600 people.

Cliff leads The Cliff Freeman Group that is brokered by eXp Realty and has already been in the real estate business for over 30 years. He is a pre-eminent residential real estate broker and wealth advisor who specializes in the North DFW Metroplex relocations

Here’s What You Missed

Getting leads through the internet

  • “Back in the old days, when I remember growing up and the broker was really responsible for the leads, people, buyers, and sellers went to the broker first and then the broker would pass the lead on to the agent.” (06:40)
  • “The fact of the matter is, is you know agents now have the ability to generate leads on their own.” (07:08)

Changes in real estate through the years

  • “So, really, real estate has evolved, and in the past couple of years has changed at an exponential rate.” (07:22)
  • “I still have a lot of clients from a long time ago, I do business with their kids and repeat business and the lifetime value of a client is still there. But if you’re not continuing to stay on top of the technology and to understand the new models that are out there now in real estate.” (07:39)

Switching to new coaching models

  • “There’s got to be a way because the life of our client was really, in many cases, less than a year. So we were trying to figure out how can we associate with people longer and add more value or more value into their lives and create a partnership.” (12:46)
  • “What I can tell you is, is that being an entrepreneur all my life, I’ve always been on the side of taking risks and not being afraid to do things that other people wouldn’t do.” (16:27)

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Creating generational wealth

  • “We’re building something that has never even been conceived of in the history of the real estate business, and perhaps not in any other business at all.” (21:52)
  • “It is true revenue share that is built around the notion of putting the agent at the center of the transaction where they belong.” (22:08)

Growing out a real estate team

  • “I’d always been in the teaching and coaching and training business, but I just started calling people that I knew and that I liked and that I thought would be excited to hear about the opportunity.” (26:53)
  • “So for me, I had to continue to do transactions because we’re sort of swapping time for money when we’re doing real estate and coaching, and I had to do income replacement.” (27:33)

Picking people you want to do business with

  • “But over time I began building and what I did was, is I was pretty particular about who I wanted to be in business with. So I really focused on people that I knew, people that I knew would be driven and have an appetite to really make this thing grow.” (28:57)
  • “I started calling more friends and people that I knew, relationships that I had, some people I didn’t know, but they knew of me and I knew of them, and I just asked them if they would please take a look at the model and give you their opinion.” (29:18)

Guiding your team to success

  • “My responsibility is more pouring into those people to help ensure that they’re going to be successful.” (32:08)
  • “The more real estate everybody sells, the more money everybody makes. It’s that simple.” (32:17)
  • “This is not something you get in, you show up, you get a bunch of your friends and family to buy the protein powder and this is not what it is.” (32:30)

Seek the help you need to be on the right mindset

  • “There is no owner’s manual to life. And if you don’t get help and get in the right crowd, the right mentors, the right group, you’re literally leaving yourself  in a very difficult, a very dangerous position. You’ve got to surround yourself with great people who have great core values.” (35:09)
  • “So I think that the message for me is get out of your own way. Resign as master of the universe. You don’t have to be. But go find who the master of your universe is and learn from him and find the best model that you can and just stick with it and then be consistent.” (36:29)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “We have to augment the learning that went on during real estate school to teach people how to run a business and make money.” – Cliff (04:17) 
  • “Success lives outside your comfort zone. If you’re not willing to get out and take some risks, then you’re going to wind up where every 90% of the people in this world do, which is broke at the end and you’re not going to be fulfilled and you’re not going to have freedom.” – Cliff (16:41) 
  • “There’s a lot of people that would get all their information from other people in their own business, their own company.” – Cliff (29:43) 
  • “What we’re in right now is exponential growth, and when you get your snowball so far down the mountain, eventually that snowball is going to take off on its own and continue to grow.” – Cliff (31:39) 
  • “If you stay consistent with your actions every single day, you will get an opportunity. Then that opportunity can obviously morph into another opportunity.” – Casanova (33:39)
  • “Sometimes God has to take you down to rock bottom before you realize who the rock at the bottom is.” – Cliff (38:24)

Cliff Freeman: Shifting to A Revolutionary Mindset

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