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DreamNation Episode 188 – Words Taylor: Get the Grind Mentality

When you are constantly faced with struggles and challenges, are you the type to easily give up? Or you’re the type who rises to the challenges and continue to grind until you achieve your goal? How do you show that you have that oomph to push through?

While some think that the grind mentality doesn’t work, there are still people with success stories that prove wrong, like our guest for today’s episode, Words Taylor.

Words Taylor is an expert in the webinar speaking field creating content that helps people to improve their content to increase their engagement and sales.

Here’s what you missed:

Comfort in vulnerability

  • “I’m not aggressive, not when it comes to just being me. I am more of a gentle, gentle guy. I’m in tune with my feelings. I am, I can get vulnerable. I still cry. And I’m okay with that.” (03:03)
  • ” I want to be that person when it comes to protecting myself or protecting my family or protecting, you know, our legacy… in these last few years, I’ve just been able to be me. And it’s so much more comfortable being me.” (03:39)
  • “When we’re growing up, especially if you’re black …a it’s kind of that show. No love, love will get you killed.” (04:49)

The Three reasons for change

  • “There are three things that I would say that changed for me. One. Is environment…And I’m in an environment now where you walk past people and they speak and they’re smiling.” (05:20)
  • ” The second thing, um, my relationship with God. Got stronger.” (06:31)
  • “…that goes into the third, which is my wife, because there were, I’ll say people, let me say people. And my wife is included in that.” (07:10)
  • “… wow, just the change in my environment, the change in the people and all of those things truly helped me to start to.” (08:40)

A Huge Wake-Up Call

  • “My father always had me in church, but when I, I got to be on my own, I just, I went and wanted to experience different experience. So I was trying everything.” (10:01)
  • “…there are parts of you that actually know, you know, that you’re not, you’ve drifted far away from who you are. And what you’re supposed to do, you know that, and then if somebody points it out, the defense mechanism comes up because you don’t want them to think that, you know.” (10:28)

You have to earn it

  • “I was doing poetry. I found an outlet, but I still wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do.” (11:03)
  • “And he was like, I only curse at the students that that can win. And that’s choosing not to.” (11:55)
  • “You need, you need to show yourself that you can be this person again… I had been rejecting everybody else and my man was like, no, this is who you are. I don’t know why you trying to be this.” (12:32)

The Way to stop lying to yourself

  • “Yeah, because it, it takes a certain level of awareness. ” (14:45)
  • “The way you stop lying to yourself is you have to now go to your own personal receipts here.”(14:57)

Stop running from what God wants you to do

  • ” And this is where you come to the epiphany that like, Oh, it’s, it is me. So this is what everybody else was saying” (16:14)
  • “So you got two choices. You can either stay on the same path and you get the same results or you can say, all right. All right. I see, I see what’s happening. Let me get myself back on, on the right path.” (16:22)
  • “…Mr. Taylor, you have A’s personally hit me up. You have 18 more credits before you get your degree. Please come back to my office and let’s get you back and road.” (18:23)
  • “So you mean to tell me I quit the job. I quit school to get this job. And now the job is telling me that you need the degree. To finish this.” (19:24)
  • “…I constantly went through this life of just kind of rejecting what was good for me.” (20:20)
  • “She says, God told me to call you and tell you to stop running, stop what you’re doing and move in a route that he’s telling you to do.” (22:31)

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The webinar game

  • “This, this happened from me being in that basement and we lost our home. This is where I was introduced to funnel systems,” (27:29)
  • “…the one was talking, teaching me about taking people on a journey, going, taking them to this link, this link, and then adding an upsale where you can, you know, have people purchase.” (28:25)
  • “You need to be able to have, um, attraction, awareness, attraction, authority. You want to have credibility. You want to be able to have influence with people and you want to build relationships, right? Um, in a webinar you get to do all of those things.” (30:09)
  • “This is why webinars are so powerful is because you literally get to give them a free sample of the entire brand of your product, your service.” (31:17)

A webinar of funnels

  • ” He started texting me every single week. Did you go to all your classes this week? Like yup. Went to all of them, all of this stuff because I’m back on track.” (32:30)
  • “Cause during this time, as I’m now learning how to do webinars, I told myself I was going to go live for a year straight, but I ended up doing two years straight, four lives a week.” (33:02)
  • “But what I started doing was I went from texting him at 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM to I went and started texting him at three 30 in the morning.” (33:54)
  • “You see the same number for 12 weeks straight. And finally he was like, you answer back and he’s like, all right, what’s going on?” (34:28)
  • ” So we flew out Detroit, we sat down with Nicki and everybody call everybody and had the talk about it. We launched that thing and boom, we hit six figures in two days” (36:48)

Get a team together

  • “Yes. I’m like, yo I’m like, yeah, I was so literally because I was, I knew how to build them, but I didn’t know. I don’t know anything about graphic design. ” (37:45)
  • ” It was more important for me to hit a home run and to make money…we’re going to have the opportunity and we’re going to have the results.” (38:39)

Submit to the people that love you

  • “Submit more to people that love me.” (39:58)
  • “…there are people in your life that literally are giving you feedback. Not because they want to have one up on you. Not because they think they’re better than you or they’ve made it… but literally just because they want to see you win.” (40:32)
  • “…these were things that I just were willing to submit to right away. And, um, I think that that costs me.” (41:27)

Your exit strategy

  • “…our businesses, you know, at it is at the point of, of scale, right. Where we’re going to hit that, that, you know, seven plus, um, this year.” (42:54)
  • “…what made him exit the digital world and move into the space that he’s in. Now. I want to know those steps. And then what are you actually doing right now? That is helping you maintain. What you have and, and continue to have…” (43:36)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “…we all could see the path that we were on. We could see the things that made us come alive, but we stopped doing those things …it’s really what got you there. Won’t get you to the next level or even here if you’re comfortable. ” – Casanova, (13:21)
  • “God has just always shown himself.” – Words, (17:59)
  • “And now I have to look at you and tell you that you have to complete what you started when I didn’t set that tone right away.” – Words, (21:14)
  • “what’s for you, will always be there for you.” – Casanova, (25:03)
  • ” We try to avoid the thing that actually breaks through the next level.” – Words, (26:07)

Words Taylor: Get the Grind Mentality

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