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DreamNation Real Estate Episode 45 – Grant Cardone: Making a Ten Million Dollar Business

Are you someone who doesn’t know what you want to be, but you definitely want to be something that’s bigger? Just be yourself and make the most out of the resources and skills that you have, and you’ll surely be able to get something going.

10X your life in today’s episode with Grant Cardone shows us the real essentials of building a million-dollar business from scratch and the future of real estate that will definitely revolutionize buying and selling properties for everyone in the business.

Grant is a bestselling author, the world’s #1 sales trainer, a renowned speaker, an international social media influencer, and a real estate mogul. He now owns and operates seven privately held companies and a $1.5B portfolio of multifamily properties.

Here’s What You Missed

Becoming your own Superhero

  • “I didn’t know what to be. I wanted it to be something. And I’m coloring. I’m coloring in the lines of my life.” (4:05)
  • “But at the end of the day, man, today, I know, the only superhero I want to be is me. I want to be an original, superhero that inspires the everyday person, regardless of the color of your skin or your age.” (5:29)

Staying on the path to success

  • “So number one, weekends make you weak. You can just look at all the trouble. Trouble starts on the weekends and after 10 o’clock.” (09:35)
  • “So the third thing is, you have to clean up your environment.” (10:47)

Having blessings and being blessed

  • “My job is to take my blessings and validate God that I am blessed.” (12:11)
  • “I think all people, 7 billion people are blessed regardless of what God they believe in.
  • The problem is most people are not validating their own blessed blessedness by doing things that validate their blessings.” (12:33)

Finding and building connections

  • “The reason I went to the gym was just what you said, I was looking for contacts, and gyms are an easy place to meet people because I can ask you for help easily.” (16:42)
  • “You need an environment where it’s easy to communicate.” (16:51) 

Money versus Opportunity

  • “People need to understand math. I don’t mean adding and subtracting.
  • I mean, how do I build something to hit my target in a short period of time?” (19:14)
  • “This is the problem. Americans are looking for money when you should be looking for opportunity and equity.” (20:30)

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Being in control of the material universe

  • “The way I manage money and multiply money was learned because of the management practices that are analytical, not emotional and not basic based on faith, but based on what actually works in the physical universe.” (30:08)
  • “The spiritual unit is much more powerful than anything physical, including a piece of paper that was printed by a press is garbage. It’s worth nothing compared to me as a spiritual unit.” (30:49)

The biggest real estate platform in 2021

  • “When you sell something, number one, you get your commission, but you pay out less.” (35:36)
    “Number two, you’re going to get equity in the company.” (35:43)
  • “Number three, you’re going to build a line of people.” (35:46)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “Liabilities aren’t just a financial thing. It’s a people thing first.” – Grant (08:52)
  • “So you can’t stay strong if you’re exposed to being weak. The way to stay strong is to stay strong and don’t be a ding dong.” – Grant (11:46)
  • “You don’t need time, you don’t need money, you actually don’t need contacts, but you do need a strategy.” – Grant (18:14)
  • “…the quickest way to kill a dream is to introduce it to a small mind.” – Casanova (21:47)
  • “We’re all small. I think even the biggest dreamer has their moments where they’re small.” – Grant (23:31)
  • “Because if I don’t feel good about what I’m doing, if I don’t feel really, really good about what I’m doing, I am not going to do more of it in a bigger way. So the better I can feel about what I’m doing, the more I can expand into doing things.” – Grant (26:49)

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