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DreamNation Real Estate Episode 40 – Arman Chowdhury: Building Confidence Through Communication

Communicating may not be everyone’s strong suit. But once you strengthen this skill, you might be surprised what abilities you can build up, maybe even ones you never thought you’d develop. Are you ready to step up and broaden your horizons?

In today’s episode, let’s listen as ArmaniTalks, Mr. Arman Chowdhury, shares how he was able to skyrocket his confidence and transition from being the shy engineer to a relationship builder and a leader in communication skills development.

Arman is a Toastmaster, engineer and a storyteller. Together with his family, he moved to America from Bangladesh, which was a big adjustment for him. Fortunately, he was able to get out of his shell and found ArmaniTalks, a platform where he shares resources on how you can communicate your way to success.

Here’s What You Missed

Obstacles in communication for introverted people

  • “I understand that’s one of the biggest problems for heavily introverted people, that’s that they do think a lot that the energy that they feel goes up into their heads.” (14:10)
  • “One of the biggest factors of communication skills is to surprisingly tune out the thoughts just a little bit more, become more aware of the moment and allow the creative energy to flow. That’s one of the biggest things that I work with clients, where it comes down to just thinking less, not more.” (14:21)

Communication skills via leveraging technology

  • “What I recommend to stop thinking so much is to use technology to practice.” (16:12)
  • “One thing that I recommend is recording yourself, talking about a topic, and starting a private YouTube channel. The reason why I recommend starting a YouTube channel is that it holds you accountable to record videos and uploading the videos. So you can watch yourself via a third party perspective.” (16:17)
  • “For someone who’s overthinking a lot, I recommend leveraging technology, starting a YouTube channel, a podcast, something getting comfortable with hearing your thoughts and then the thoughts start to melt away. And you started doing it cause you were starting to become a new person.” (17:28)

Fear of making a fool of yourself

  • “At first, we’re going to be very, very bumpy. And it’s going to keep going easier, easier, easier. Unnecessary movements will melt away and the authenticity is going to shine.” (19:44)
  • ”I definitely think that’s one of the biggest factors having that patience to be understanding from the get-go, collect the data and then reverse from there.” (22:44)

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How to reach out to the world

  • “I think one of the biggest things to do from the very beginning is have speech topics ahead of time.” (23:50)
  • “What happens is that you always have discovered different speech topics via podcast episodes like this, writing, journaling, especially during this moment, when more people have time to themselves, you’ll be able to develop different speech topics.” (23:57)
  • “…to get speaking engagements, I recommend being very proactive at first. Reach out to local masterminds in your area.” (24:13)
  • “What I recommend right now for your viewers is to definitely keep on looking for a different story, different content material, and this moment.” (25:02)
  • “Later on, once you have experience, more people are going to reach out to you. Because that’s the beauty of word of mouth.” (25:20)

Coming up with your talking points

  • “I recommend, and this is very good counterintuitive advice, I recommend starting off with yourself. Ask yourself, what is it that you truly enjoy or what do you like having fun with.” (26:13)
  • “What I recommend is before focusing on what you can provide value on others, seeing what it is that you are already good at, or you want to get great at. And from there, there’s always going to be a little niche for you.” (27:12)

Conquering your fear of speaking

  • “When you get your first few speeches and you conquer a fear, now you’re even more committed to it. You see, it could be something that you love or it could be something that you’re terrified of, but in either case there’s emotional fuel behind it, it’s one of these things that are very difficult to think. But when you have the emotion behind it, it’s something that you just commit to. And other people can’t catch up because you’re operating with a different motive at this point.” (28:38)
  • “I think one of the biggest lessons that I personally learned is that every audience is different. And what I mean by that is sometimes a speech will work great with a certain audience and certain times they’ll like it, but they won’t really feel it like that.” (29:33)
  • “One of the biggest advice that I would give is to have fun. Don’t compete too much.” (31:54)

Setting foot on your goals

  • “I would recommend starting off with the smallest amount that you possibly can is better than not starting off at all.” (36:15)
  • “…it just takes that one little step in the right direction that can change everything else. So I recommend to that person, you don’t have to build this mega empire out of the blue moon. Just take a small little step, the smallest that you possibly can, and it’ll win you over. And eventually, that little seed is going to grow into something much bigger.” (36:47)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “Once we have awareness and how we’re speaking, how we’re talking, we tend to think less, less than less.” – Arman (17:01)
  • “Make sure you set the right expectation and that’s with anything in life. I think we do a good job of setting the right expectation with other people, especially if they’re clients of ours. Oh, we don’t do a very good job of setting the right expectation with ourselves.” – Casanova (21:55)
  • “That’s one of the best ways where you can be a public speaker, which you’re having fun in the process. So you’d last long run and you’ll always have content material.” – Arman (27:51)
  • “A lot of people at first, they’re just thinking about making the money, but later on, they start delving deeper and realize every business is just human connections and there are actions involved, but at the core level of it all, it’s just human connections.” – Arman (30:13)
  • “If you’re just saying everyone has their own gifts, let me maximize mine and see what I can learn from other people so I can maximize more of my gifts.” – Arman (33:03)

Building Confidence Through Communication with Aman Choudhary

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