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DreamNation Real Estate Episode 41 – Gogo Bethke: The Real Estate Millionaire Framework

Struggles produce perseverance. But it’s up to us if we want to turn these struggles into stepping stones towards our goals and dreams or just let them hinder us from success. How will you make your way to happiness through perseverance?

In our episode for today, the Social Media Queen, Gogo Bethke, will share her journey on how she managed to raise herself and become the Top 3% National Realtor based in Michigan despite all the hardships she faced.

Gogo has the largest social media following out of all the agents in the state of Michigan. Gogo’s Real Estate Team also has over 130+ agents in 30+ states now. As she was expanding the team, his husband, Duane, joined them in 2019. As a Realtor, she has already conducted over 200 transactions equaling about $56 million.

Here’s What You Missed

Thriving despite the lack of knowledge

  • “I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, but I guess I am willing to make those mistakes and learn.” (21:34)
  • “The reason to my success is that I have zero problems grabbing life by the balls and going for what I want from this life.” (21:46)

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Getting into Real Estate at the tail end of the 2008 crash

  • “…if I can figure out real estate at the bottom, at the shittiest time, when all we do short sales and foreclosures when the good times come around, I’ll be living like fish in water, ‘cause by that time I’m an expert. That is exactly what happened.” (24:43)

The value of Social Media

  • “You’re selling yourself and you’re selling your services. So the faster you can implement those changes to your account, the more followers you’re going to have.” (31:26)
  • “You want eyeballs on your account. We want to be an option.” (32:07)

Building business through Social Media

  • “So with the millennials, you need to exist while they are doing this, you need to pop up. If you don’t pop up, you don’t exist to them. So that’s the whole goal.” (32:22)
  • “If you are trading your time for something, eventually you’re going to run out of time. So in order to make money, you have to charge more. You’ll have to sell a higher-ticket item. Or you have to make more time and we can’t make more time.” (33:11)

Getting motivation and inspiration

  • “I believe the universe talks to you. It will show you what you need to hear. It will guide you where you need to go. It will show you how you’re going to get there. I do believe that you need to know where you want to go. You need to know where you are and you need to know where you want to go and by when.” (40:52)
  • “The universe is your built-in GPS. We all have it, from A to Z. But you need to know what A is, where are you, and you need to know what Z is, where you want to be and by when, and it’s going to guide you there.” (41:17)
  • “…you can’t stay who you are and expect a different level of life.” (41:37)

Believing in yourself

  • “Your own internal voice has to be louder than that little voice on your shoulder. You have to know who you are. As soon as you believe in yourself, there’s nothing anybody can say that you can or cannot do. You’re going to go and do it anyway.” (42:26)
  • “I believe whatever I set my mind to, if my internal gut feeling towards me, I can do it also. I believe God wouldn’t put an idea in your head if he doesn’t believe that you already have the skills that it takes to get it done. Otherwise, he would have given that idea to somebody else.” (42:45)
  • “If that idea popped up in your head, it is the universe. It’s God. It is the Mother Nature. It is a higher power. Whatever you call it, it is given it to you because you have the skills to make it happen. Now, do you have the guts to make it happen and go for it?” (43:02)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “…thankfully they are the parents who they are because I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for their ability to allow me to be me.” – Gogo (09:05)
  • “If you’re holding something against someone they did or they didn’t do to you, then you also have to give them credit for what you became a bit.” – Tony Robbins (13:53)
  • “You’re not living with your emotions and your expectations on someone else giving you essentially approval to go out there and be great.” – Casanova (15:49)
  • “The average multimillionaire has seven different ways of income, six of which are passive.” – Warren Buffett and Tony Robbins (32:59)
  • “I believe that business sense truly comes from believing in yourself. For that, you have to go to a lot of souls searching to figure out who you are.” – Gogo, (38:49)
  • “I’d rather fail at it 10 times and be like, I tried it. I gave it all I freaking got.“ – Gogo, (43:28)

Gogo Bethke: The Real Estate Millionaire Framework


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