Dreamnation Episode 172 – Justin Breen: Must-Have Attributes for a Successful Entrepreneur

For an entrepreneur to succeed, he should possess the necessary qualities, grit, and the right mindset to get things done. Regardless of whether he has enough resources or not, his success will still depend on how he overcomes adversities, how he forms relationships, and possesses the must-have attributes of a successful person.

Listen to Justin Breen, a visionary PR entrepreneur and author of the International best-selling book Epic Business, as he talks about the right formula of a business and what attributes an entrepreneur should possess to be part of the 0.1% successful people in the industry.

Justin Breen is a connecting hero for thousands of the world’s top entrepreneurs and CEO of the PR Firm BREpic Communications. He is hard-wired to seek out and create viral, thought-provoking stories that the media craves. And he finds the best stories when he networks with visionary entrepreneurs and executives who understand the value of investing in themselves and their businesses.

Here’s what you missed:

An Entrepreneur’s greatest adversities

  • “I’ve talked to thousands of the world’s top entrepreneurs and, uh, I have not met one that at the highest level that is not overcome, at least one of the following four things, most are two or three” (03:23)
  • “One, uh, bankruptcy or potential bankruptcy too. Uh, depression, three, the highest level of anxiety you can imagine and floor” (04:00)

Attributes of a good entrepreneur and the right mindset

  • “I only work with the top 0.1% of mindsets but the, I only work with them because those are the ones that, um, create the companies and, and the thinking and the ideas that actually employ the billions of people and inspire the billions of people. (06:00)
  • “And so I only worked with people with three attributes in their mindset and only three. Only three. And so they are visionary, abundance, investment.” (06:35)
  • “I talk very intentional because it’s a magnet. It’s, it’s a magnet for attracting people that actually understand what the hell I’m talking about and repels everyone else because the people that don’t understand it, they don’t have those three attributes in their mindset, but the ones that do they get at a very high level and they reach out to me” (16:14)

The formula of a successful business

  • “You see a problem. You create solution to problem, problem solve successful global company” (08:24)
  • “problem, creative solution, problem, solve, successful global company” (08:45)
  • “So any top level entrepreneur became a top level entrepreneur by doing what they like to do and what they good at. And they, they don’t, they just focus on their superpowers. They focus on their Superman abilities.” (10:48)

How to establish a name in the PR world

  • “And they want to be in media at a high level to create validity and credibility for the brand” (9:09)
  • “You do what you like to do and what you’re good at, you raise it, rates that weed out nonsense and, uh, joined the best groups in the world” ((11:19)
  • “They learn a couple of really good skills and then they, then they implemented into something else” (11:42)

The Value of Networking

  • “To get my first five clients. I reached out to 5,000 people. So one out of a thousand said yes, 990.” (12:50)
  • “You talk to a lot of people. And then what happens is you find out who understands you. More importantly, who doesn’t understand you” (13:09)
  • “And, but when you find two, then two becomes four because these people have that mindset and they want to introduce you to more people like that. So four becomes eight, becomes a hundred. A hundred becomes a thousand, a thousand becomes 10,000, whatever it is” (13:30)

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Showing your vision and acting on it

  • “That’s one of the hardest. Things about owning businesses, knowing what you love and doing what you love is the easy part” (19:04)
  • “It’s having that vision. And again, that’s why I’m so intentional with how I talk because it just magnetizes all these other leaders” (20:18)
  • “Entrepreneur life, you either do this or you don’t. There are no excuses” (22:17)

The value of time

  • “Time vampires is my biggest annoyance people that they talk and then they just talk. They never actually do anything.” (26:18)
  • “One, we don’t really acknowledge the time that we are wasting, but two, we don’t feel like we’re worthy enough to be protective of our time until we get to the maturity level” (27:04)

No Excuses

  • “People with the right mindset, make the investment. People, the wrong mindset, make excuses.” (28:47)
  • “And so people will find a way to make excuses. If they have the wrong mindset, the right mindset, they make the investment.” (29:44)
  • “I’m not letting somebody waste my time, so I don’t spend time with my kids because I know what it’s like to not have a dad around” (30:20)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “Most people go the wrong way and you want them the right way.” – Justin, (01:22)
  • “Adversity builds character.” – Casanova, (04:57)
  • “You see a problem. You create solution to problem, problem solved, successful global company.” – Justin, (08:23)
  • “I love being the dumbest person in the room. I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room. I have nothing to learn then.” – Justin, (21:28)
  • “One, we don’t really acknowledge the time that we are wasting, but two, we don’t feel like we’re worthy enough to be protective of our time until we get to the maturity level.” – Casanova, (27:05)
  • “People with the right mindset, make the investment. People, the wrong mindset, make excuses.” – Justin, (28:46)

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