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DreamNation Real Estate 36 – Matthew Garland: How To Know Your Mortgages Inside Out

Matthew Garland, better known as The Mortgage Guy, comes to the show today to share his expertise about mortgages. But more than that, he dropped so many knowledge nuggets about entrepreneurship, money management, hustler mindset, and unwavering determination to rise despite the odds.


MG has been in the business for 17 years, and he did not have it the easy way. He had a rough childhood. He shares that he grew up in Brooklyn and in Queens, which would mean he has been exposed to a lot of things. Unfortunately, he had to endure bad environments, such as exposure to drugs and crime. He had one great example though, his father. Even in the absence of a caring mother, his father filled the gap and taught him important life lessons. Growing up, he saw his father’s outstanding work ethic. There’s one problem though, he was not taught about proper money management. He thought that being poor is normal and that living paycheck to paycheck is the way to be.

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When he accidentally entered the world of money management though as a loan officer, he made some decent money. The money won’t last long in his hands though. It vanishes as soon as it comes. Then the recession came. In this podcast, MG will be sharing the hardships he had to go through during this time, but how he regards it as a blessing. We will then come to understand the difference between the past recession compared with the hard times we are dealing with right now- the pandemic. Different factors affecting loan approval were tackled, as well as strategies to build your investments faster. I know for sure that you will want to repeatedly rewind this fire episode!


Podcast Flow with Matthew Garland



  • Matthew’s early life hurdles
  • How he went into money management business
  • How was life and the economy during the recession compared to the present day
  • Different factors affecting client loan approval
  • Where to find knowledge and information
  • Stay in your lane- why?






  1. I’ve lost all the materialistic things that I idolized at one point in my life. And God, I tell people all the time, the universe humbled me. It was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.


  1. But what gave me hope is when I saw Barrack get elected. If he can become the president, I can get out of this rut.


  1. I personally feel as if the business today is 10 times better than what it was during the wild cowboy days 92003-2008).


  1. Now we’re, you know, there’s so much technology and so much software in today’s market that we use on a mortgage side, that is very difficult to commit fraud


  1. We try to see what’s really there because the most important thing is to pay back.


  1. Just because you are eligible for financing doesn’t mean you can afford it. There’s a big difference between eligibility and affordability.


  1. Stay in your lane. Don’t try to keep up with the challenges. Execute.


  1. It’s a lot easier if you go with the 4321 strategy, and house hacking put less down every time.


  1. If you have the mindset of an investor, if you buy right, that first time homebuyer could have nine units by year four.


  1. Because my goal as the mortgage guy, it’s not about me making currency right now it’s more about legacy.


  1. if you are looking to continue to buy real estate, you need a mortgage guy. There’s no way around it. Put your faith in it and walk out on faith and execute your plan.


  1. I don’t read books. I read the guidelines. That’s what I read


  1. Whatever you want to do with your life, where you’re trying to go find the people in that space.


  1. It’s easier now than ever to go on YouTube, go on Instagram on Facebook, and to kind of watch how they move. This is a copycat world. You don’t have to go and try to reinvent the wheel


  1. Prior preparation prevents piss poor management.


  1. You can’t build a house by starting with the roof. You need your foundation first.


Podcast Guest Links:


Matthew Garland Website:               https://www.super.social/ss/mgthemortgageguy

Matthew Garland Instagram:            https://www.instagram.com/mgthemortgageguy/

Matthew Garland Youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbnV_ZJ4wW19cqo9T-OSWNg

Matthew Garland Facebook:            https://www.facebook.com/MGHOMELOAN/




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