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DreamNation Episode 168 – Nicky Saunders: How To Grow Your Social Media Presence

Are you social media savvy? Have you ever thought of monetizing your social media platforms by creating content but don’t know how to start? You are welcome to listen to our podcast guest for today, Nicky Saunders, as she tells us precious gems on how to monetize our social media platforms.

Nicky grew up in Queens, entered the Navy for nine years, and eventually got addicted to social media, particularly Instagram. Being the smart woman that she is, she was able to think of ways on how to make use of her addiction and get some money from it in the long run. So, sit back as we take note of all the important points Nicky has to say.


Here’s what you missed:

  • How to figure out what your platform should be
  • Finding your foundation
  • Understanding the end goal
  • Are you making it for the current or something that stays for a long time?
  • What is the point of being on social media?
  • Social media is a relationship

Nicky Saunders: How To Grow Your Social Media Presence?


(1:28) Talks about her childhood and her addiction with social media

(6:26) Talks about giving more value to loyalty than money

(8:07) Explains what a platform is

(9:19) Shares about the different kinds of platform

(10:18) Gives a message about finding your foundation

(11:29) Don’t be afraid to be different

(13:19) Talks about self-confidence

(14:35) Breaking the barriers

(19:03) Shares her insights about relationships

(19:38) Talks about the platform with Eric Thomas

(23:13) What excites you about 2021

(24:58) Talks about the platform Clubhouse

(27:06) Why using Instagram is important

(33:10) Tips in writing content

(35:05) The importance of consistency

(36:32) Talks about the system of content creation

(39:06) Having a social media and business goals



(6:14) I want to be able to do something different in my lane and give out the game while asking for nothing in return.

(9:05) If your content is good, if your message is good, the audience will find you.

(13:23) When you run with a certain circle, you have to step up to the plate.

(13:45) You have to position yourself to be able to at least keep up.

(14:46) I can be whoever I want to be, and I’m fine with that.

(16:56) I see the crowd that I rock with and if I’m going to stay in that crowd and not get passed up, I got to live by it.

(18:12) Be around people who allow you to be the best version of you. Don’t try to conform ‘you’ to something else.

(26:10) The great thing about content is when you create so much, you have so much content to put on other platforms.

(29:21) The candid conversations are gems.

(33:10) It’s really about understanding what you solve.

(34:46) It’s really about feeling, understanding the pain points and just producing, pressing that mute button and going to do whatever you want to do, because somebody is going to appreciate it.

(35:05) So you just have to build that body of work.

(37:03) I’m really big on not feeling as if I’m repeating myself because each day that I say it or each week that I say it, I say it differently.

(38:18) People are ready to receive your information at different times and different days.

(39:24) If you treat it different, that’s why you’re not consistent because you can’t be consistently fake.

(42:40) We have to move within purpose and not move because everybody’s on it.

(46:28) You’re not growing because you’re consuming. You’re not growing because you’re staying on the same level. You’re not growing because you’re comparing the wrong things.

(49:18) We can either continue to complain or we can create platforms that allow showing the truth or what we deem as the truth.

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Nicky Saunders Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/thisisnickys/?hl=en

Nicky and Moose the Podcast – https://www.nickyandmoose.com/





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