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How To Find Power in Positivity with Chris Wirth – DreamNation Episode 169

In this podcast, listen to our guest, Chris Wirth talk about the power in positivity, the power of the tribe, and the power of not quitting.

Have you ever felt like you’re standing at the edge of a cliff and you don’t know where to go or what to do? Were you at a point in your life where you do were bombarded with challenges and you can’t seem to find a solution or were close to giving up? How did you overcome the challenges?

Chris Wirth, the host of the No Quit Living positivity in Podcast, is a sought-after keynote speaker and author who began his career in sports coaching as an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball coach, collegiate and high school basketball coach. His interest in sports had led him to realize the importance of approaching everyday situations differently and getting encouragement from people around you to help you achieve your objectives.

Here’s what you missed in this power of positivity episode:

Getting encouragement from great people around you

  • “I was always interested in people that were the best of their field.”, (03:15)
  • “Super important and influential in my life always encouraged me and supported me in many different ways.”, (04:00)
  • “Look for a mentor. Look for an accountability partner, somebody that might be able to help inspire me and coach me to that next level.”, (21:00)
  • “My father always challenged me in a good way.”, (29:44)

Teaching the power in positivity framework

  •  “How you approach right every day, every practice, every game, every win, every loss. It has a huge impact down the road.” (06:00)
  • “A positive mind or positive attitude won’t get you anything, but a positive attitude will get you anything better than a negative attitude.”, (07:00)

Projecting and Protecting your own energy

  • “The only thing that you can really protect every single day is your own energy.” (08:32)
  • “No matter what you are doing, we all bring some type of energy to everything we do” (09:51, 10:00)

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Controlling the controllable and reframing your perspective

  • “Optimism is a lot of the times what can at least lead you to exposure. And that exposure is what really gives you life.”, (09:00)
  • “I realized that I wasn’t going to all of a sudden be able to have a 50-inch vertical leap, but I realized that every single day I could bring that positive energy to practice… But I realized that I can control my effort. I can control my attitude and I can control how much I give of both of those” (11:00)

Knowing the importance of gratitude and how Karma works

  • “Everybody, those people included, we all have something to be grateful for.” (15:00)
  • “When you do it in a genuine way and sincerely towards others and to others, it comes back to you tenfold.”, (12:00)

Learn the concept of No Quit Living

  • “There’s no quit in you”, (22:00)
  • “Every single great person. And you fill in the blank of the field profession. They’ve all had those no quiet moments. Some are amazingly difficult, some are monumental, but some people that I’ve had, I’ve had the fortune of connecting with they’ve had so many, no quiet moments in their life.”, (23:06)

Leveling up and leaving a legacy

  •  “What do you want people to say at your funeral? But the legacy statement is, you know, what you want your kids or your grandkids to say.”, (24:00)
  • “I want to learn from the best I want to grow and I want to level up”, (25:00)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:


  •  “Behind my S on the chest, I think is somebody that is really looking to discover what’s the difference of good versus great versus the best.” – Chris, (02:07)
  • “A positive attitude gives you an advantage over anybody or anything that has a negative attitude” – Zig Ziglar/ Chris, (08:00)
  • “Be very intentional about your time. Be very intentional about your energy. Be very intentional about your environment.” -Casanova (22:00)
  • “Persistence respects, persistence” – Casanova (26:00)
  • “Pressure is the one common denominator in all of our lives. Pressure bust pipes, but at the same time, pressure creates diamonds so you have to ask yourself, ‘am I a busted pipe or my beautiful diamond?’”– Casanova, (33:00)
  • “Do one thing today outside of your comfort zone” – Chris, 36:00)

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