DreamNation Episode 164 – Kute Blackson: How To Live A Conscious And Happy Life

Why are we here? What are we supposed to do with our life? Do we just get born, become an adult, work, have a family, become old, and eventually die? What is exactly the purpose of our life?

Maybe you are one of the people who have tried asking themselves one of these questions regarding human existence. Were you able to find an answer or are you still seeking it? Today’s podcast guest, Kute Blackson, also faced the same questions about life when he was growing up, but he felt he had found his purpose after overcoming his struggles and eventually came into some realizations. In today’s episode, he shares with us how he was able to overcome obstacles and live a life full of satisfaction and gratitude.

Kute grew up with a religious family. He came from a family of diverse origin and settled in London. In his teenage years, Kute showed no interest at all in his spirituality. He would just do all the things that he felt doing. However, having a father who was so focused on building his family’s spirituality, helped Kute became a minister at the age of 14. As we listen to his journey, you will know that he didn’t lead an easy life.

Let’s listen to him as he takes us into his story and be sure to prepare your notes and pen as you take down important notes I am sure you could relate with.


Here’s what you missed:

  • What is the purpose of life?
  • How to live your life as your own
  • Finding your purpose and living it
  • What lies am I currently telling myself?
  • Believing in who you are



(1:56) Kute shares about his family and childhood

(3:55) How he had no interests in church spirituality

(4:55) Started to take interests in spiritual seeking

(5:18) He was ordained as a minister at a young age

(7:15) Realizing that there is a different path for him

(9:35) Getting a green card

(14:46) Shares about his relationship with his father

(45:20) Talks about knowing your purpose

(49:09) Taking one step at a time towards your destination

(54:05) Shares about the things that he wanted to change in the past

(57:00) Talks about death



(3:26) Anything’s possible. All possibilities exist. Like there are no rule limits because I was seeing it every day.

(6:03) I realized I could live what everyone else wanted me to live. But if I don’t have myself, what, what do I have really?

(6:14) You can’t be truly fulfilled and happy being someone that you’re not, you can’t be truly fulfilled and happy living someone else’s life.

(7:56) Sometimes what your soul guides you to do is not always the easy path, but if it was easy, it would be for everyone.

(11:34) When we’re not in alignment, we disempower our energy. We start losing trust within our own cells with ourselves, which then takes away from our own.

(12:35) We must be willing to feel the pain of the misalignment acknowledge and feel the pain of the lies that we’re living.

(28:39) The reality is we’re not who we think we are.

(40:06) So be willing to not know for a moment, this way you’re open.

(47:56) So go in the direction of what lights you up, what turns you on of what makes you come alive.



Kute Blackson Website: https://kute-blackson.mykajabi.com/activating-abundance


Kute Blackson Twitter: https://twitter.com/kuteblackson

Kute Blackson Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kuteblackson



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