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DreamNation Real Estate 32 – Collin Schwartz: How To Educate Yourself On Your First 2 Years

How hard is it to be successful these days where competition is everywhere? We all wanted to be successful using the passion that we have. Our podcast guest for today, Mr. Collin Schwartz, will share with us his story of success.

Growing up, Collin had a normal childhood. He went to college and got his degree. He had already shown eagerness in learning as he got his master’s degree while he was working in a grocery chain. Realizing that he wanted to work towards achieving his own dream, Collin quit his job and established his own business in real estate.

Let’s all learn from his experience as we put ourselves in his shoes through this podcast and be sure to take his reminders and advice which will surely help us to become as successful as he is someday.


Here’s what you missed:

  • The importance of having someone who has more knowledge than you
  • Finding your passion and working on it
  • Learn to negotiate

Collin Schwartz: How To Educate Yourself On Your First 2 Years?



(1:32) Collin talks about making videos

(8:26) Talks about Tai Lopez

(9:02) Talks about Gary V

(14:26) Shares about the importance of being passionate about something

(17:56) Talks about his childhood

(19:04) The day that changed his life

(20:23) His journey with real estate has started

(27:47) Shares the steps on how to find the deal

(30:54) Learning new things and learning from mistakes

(35:44) Talks about how negotiation works




(12:00) Real estate is 100% entrepreneurship. If somebody wants to learn how to start a business, get into real estate. Buy a house and run it like a business. It’ll teach you everything, seriously.

(14:31) Really focused on, or at least what I got out of it, is maximize your best attribute.

(17:31) First, give back to your family and then, start giving back to others.

(19:17) So if anybody’s listening to this has not read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and you want to be an investor, you want to get passive income, you want to shift your mindset, turn this off, go pick it up right now.

(21:54) So that is the absolute hardest part because, in the beginning, you’ve been surrounding yourself with people that aren’t affiliated with any of this at all.

(23:36) You got to educate yourself at first.

(26:02) I also had to train my mind to stay strong on it because when you start, it is incredibly hard.

(28:08) Know how much money or the resources that you have to invest with.

(29:23) This is why it’s so important to find somebody with more knowledge than you.

(39:39) What’s really important is give them information about yourself and build up a relationship.

(49:01) So it’s really just being consistent, pushing them, keeping the open lines.



Collin Schwartz BiggerPockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/CollinSchwartz

Collin Schwartz Phone number: (402) 536-0580



People mentioned:

Tai Lopez

Gary V


Books Mentioned:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller





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