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DreamNation Episode 154 – Chris Ross: How To Adopt A Mentality Of Winning

The man showering us with huge lumps of knowledge is no other than Mr. Chris Ross. He is a highly experienced sales trainer and a very talented business strategist working with numerous varying businesses of different industries helping to reach record-breaking results just like what he did to his own company. He was a remarkable salesman to his former company. He was bringing in millions to them with only a little cut for himself, which eventually led to him building his own ventures. Now, he has over 300 employees and he is running several successful businesses. These are just a few of the reasons why you should drop what you are doing now and listen intently to what he is about to bless us with!


With his astounding achievements, Chris is no stranger to diversities. He actually said that he had several moments in his life where he realized he is not working on his full potential. He lost his older sister when he was young that sent him on a different trajectory in life. He enlisted in the US Navy before entering the university, where he actually learned a lot of the core values he is currently living by. Chris was employed for multibillion-dollar education corporations where he earned several awards for his sales performances. This is when the light lit up, he was rubbing elbows with the wealthiest people, he was exposed to different things he did not know he could make a lot of money from, and he knew he was making millions for his company was only taking a home a small portion out of it. He talked about his wish to build a business for himself with little support from his father. He thought Chris is in his best place, of course with good intentions. But the negative response did not make a slight difference in his will to succeed on his own.


He discovered the secret to success- it was all inside him. He faced different kinds of hardships, but he learned to lean into it, rather than running away from it. He learned to shed layers of his essence to get into his core inner self, where he knew all the things he needed to succeed lie on. He figured out what will make him inspired and he is happy to be doing it daily now. In this episode, he shares the secret to discovering and realigning to your inner self, the secrets to success with having a 100% virtual team, and how to become the best version of yourself. You will not only receive top business tips but more importantly, you’ll strengthen your spiritual journey. Take out your notes and be sure to rewind this episode multiple times! Because you are about to listen to things that will potentially change your life.



Here’s What You Missed


  • Why you need to lean into pain, instead of running away from it
  • What are the steps you should take to realign to inner to your inner self
  • What does being rich, being successful and having money mean
  • Owning your vision- what does it looks like
  • Virtual team- why you should have one?
  • Become the best version of yourself!

Chris Ross: How To Adopt A Mentality Of Winning

Knowledge Nuggets:

Chris Ross: How To Adopt A Mentality Of Winning?

[2:13] What life is about: Become a little bit more aligned and open and shedding the layers of your true inner self from the essence of yourself, figuring out what inspires you and brings you joy. Create yourself from wherever you come from in the world.


[5:23] You see this with the world- people are running away from pain and running away from things that make them feel uncomfortable. You need to lean into that. If you lean into it, you can discover the hidden gifts behind that pain.


[8:44] You’re going to know who put it into work during this time in the next two years.


[11:46] Holding myself accountable is the only way for me to be able to approach that and leaning into that pain. Every battle I win man is every day. The biggest battle is at 5:00 AM. No alarm clock needed, your subconscious mind controls your life.


{13:21] Brain dump– Re-aligning starts with being alone, be calm and quite. Then write out everything that’s in on your feeling or experiencing at that time. Then you can start reverse engineering. Follow your gut first. Follow your intuition, follow you.


[14:20] Inside your subconscious, everything you need to be successful is there, you just need to discover that.


[17:56] If you have certain skills, and certain things that you already possess, turn it into something. Go make money.


[18:29] Being rich is a choice. Rich is a state of mind. Rich isn’t making money. It’s about making an impact.


[19:06] Success is all about what you’re exposed to in life.


[20:52] You don’t need to communicate everything in your vision. You just need to make that vision work. And if you’re clear about what you need to accomplish and what you need to do, you’re going to go after it because there’s no one in life is going to hand you anything.


[24:52] I never like paid money or invested money to learn something I would structure. I would leverage what I knew, leveraged my skill to trade off


[26:56] Being virtual creates power, especially when you’re doing it in different continents in different time zones. When I lay my behind down to sleep at night, my team is grinding.


[29:53] I talk a lot more about WHY than I do about HOW. How is done through protocol. Why- gives them the true motivation behind it


[32:47] I’m going to win, right? Because I’m willing to die every day to get to my outcome. There’s nothing that is ever going to happen to stop me and prevent me except me.


[36:07] I’m not surprised by the people that I meet. I expect people to meet the people that I meet because I put in the work


[37:10] The only thing separating us from you is just time and money


[39:06] If you always lead with your heart, you’ll never lose.


[40:03] Check in with yourself. When you wake up, you owe it to yourself to become the best version of yourself.


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