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DreamNation Real Estate 22 – Tina Beliveau: How To Deliver An Elite Real Estate Experience

In a socially distant environment today, many real-estate entrepreneurs are challenged in a lot of ways. The New normal affects buyers and sellers alike. Managing your business and your team in this isolation-heavy community of today might be undergoing its stormiest season in years. Figure out how to deal with these challenges with our guest today – Tina Beliveau. Let’s talk a bit about who Tina Beliveau is behind the success of The Beliveau Group – a real estate company with a mission to “create and cultivate community”.

After having successfully undergone recovery steps from substances and social anxieties during high-school, Tina had an early start as an agent in 2003 when she took real-estate as a side job during her freshman year in college. As an assistant to a successful real-estate family friend, she underwent good mentorship and training until she graduated in 2007 and worked full time. When markets were heading downwards during the years that followed after, she took that time to figure out how to find people who needed to move, how to serve them – which helped her grew her listing business. Even though the income was very unbalanced during her first years, she puts a lot of effort into building relationships and nurturing them. Fast forward, working full time as a franchise manager into a general manager of three franchises, there came challenging times when she had to deal with as a team leader and manager. People come and go, decisions were made; she has to decide for herself which pathway to take and when to take that big leap.

Most of the things in this line of business she learned by doing; mistakes were made but she had to learn from them and assessing the next steps after. She had to persevere getting underpaid for the extreme responsibilities and heavy-load she had. She even had moments where she questioned herself Was this really for me? Why am I doing this? She needs to take back and consider things for herself and figure out a good environment to aid her in those trying times. Today? Her diverse set of skills and experiences, along with committed team members – made her real estate company, The Beliveau group a successful top-ranked team that has served over 1,500 buyers and sellers throughout the Baltimore Metro area. In this podcast, Tina shared humbling yet life-changing decisions she had to take in her life, in hope that you, our dear tribe, will also be able to overcome the challenging heavy-weights of the real-estate business in this pandemic year. So, sit back, dig in, and take notes as Tina shares her life story with us.

Here’s What You Missed


  • Organic Ways to connect with people
  • Building relationships and nurturing them, matters
  • A Mastery of One Platform first, before the next
  • Sharing Actual Value through Story-telling vs Mainstream Social Media Marketing Posts
  • Listening more than Talking, more effective than heavy marketing
  • How valuable committed people are in teams



Knowledge Nuggets:

[3:39] the thing that people stumble on the most is just getting through that first six to 24 months of getting up and running and having consistent income

[3:54] there are people who needed to move, learn how to serve them as it relates to what’s happening in the market. Finding a good market

[5:07] I think that buyer bond is a little different than the seller relationship

[7:26] the biggest struggle that agents have is generally a lead generation and lead conversion problem

[8:33] When you don’t have a lot of momentum, it’s hard to get that going. Most people get stuck. Find something that you enjoy doing, virtual or in real life, that would be fun, interactive. Find momentum and build on it

[10:33] …just being a connector, somebody who puts things together for other people. i.e especially with pandemic, a lot of people feel stuck and there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, no end in sight, not always creating solutions. Find something that you can do to give, serve, or bring joy to other people.

[13:48] Don’t overwhelm yourself. Do one thing that you can win at… add the next thing only when you have more capacity to do so.

[15:36] Planting those seeds and nurturing for years. Started small and private, but keeping the connections and engagements going, growing the capacity to thousands of people

[19:00] People don’t want to be attacked with marketing over and over again; rather, they want to hear the behind scenes and inner workings of real-estate. Everyone loves real-estate, and constantly fascinated by it

[21:18] Capture it while it’s fresh, and ideally post it right away. I just film it right then and there while it’s fresh, because I do know that when the inspiration disappears later, it’s never going to happen; and I’m never as articulate as when I’m excited.

[23:32] I was just learning by doing, and that’s just sometimes not the most efficient way to learn. Made mistakes- learn from them, and then asses the next steps.

[24:07] sometimes it can be tough to keep sales talent for years and years. Heartaches. Sometimes they’ll join your team because they don’t have any leads. Then overtime, they build a database, and they don’t necessarily see the point in staying on the team for 10-15 years.

[27:00] Surround yourself with a couple of people who really get what you are going through. People who can affirm how you are feeling, and could offer words of wisdom. Rely on dependable and committed people when going through emotional journey.

[27:36] sometimes it really sucks when things don’t work out. it’s okay to be honest about that and ideally keep moving forward.

[30:50] being under compensated and never saying a peep. There are at point when you are doing lots of things and having lots of responsibilities like having the weight of the world on your shoulders, but almost becoming like a martyr with it all.

[32:00] Let me back up, and assess what I’m really doing and where I’m doing it… I just didn’t have an open mind, it really robbed me of a serious wealth building. She had to make decision, even though it took a different path

[35:47] if somebody wants to come work with me and be in my little world and learn from me and feed off my energy, they are totally welcome. BUT IM NOT GOING TO CHASE ANYBODY. Focus on my real-estate team. Take good care of my clients and team members.

[41:25] The thing I love about real-estate, among many other things, is that it is such an entrepreneurial business… It can be a vehicle for whatever you want. For me, it’s a vehicle of having space in my life to do other things that feed me spiritually to have control over my life, but also to be of service to others

[43:57] You are not alone. It’s natural that you’re putting yourself in a growth situation. A lot of time we suffer in isolation; reach out, tell somebody what’s going on. A burden shared is a burden lessened.


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