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DreamNation Podcast Episode 155 – Sarah Fontenot: How To Become The Best Leader You Can Be

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome” – a quote that’s often misattributed but we kept hearing from great figures because most people keep following or doing things over and over – even if it makes them feel bad to the ground. It is so commonly indoctrinated to us by culture, that we have to just work hard, over and over again – implanting more emphasis on ‘what’ we want to become. Pay attention and listen to our guest today – Sarah Fontenot, she helps to realize how focusing on “who we are becoming” – a mastery of oneself enables you to be efficient and productive in a way that you’re happy and fulfilled. You’ll understand that you got everything you need inside of you to be successful. Let’s discuss a bit about her and how she was able to figure out who she wants to be which I know will give us a new level of motivation to keep going for our dreams.

Sarah Fontenot is a small-town girl from Regina, Saskatchewan Canada, with a huge vision. She always wanted to be on a higher platform to influence people. She grew up with the same culture as what adults use to say to us: work hard, grind it out don’t stop. She, too, grew up thinking that success looked like being a doctor, lawyer, etc. She didn’t even know what entrepreneurship was in the beginning nor had a family who’s into entrepreneurship. She even had an acting career – where she loves to act but didn’t love the industry. However, her first venture into entrepreneurship was in multi-level marketing where she took the resources, mindset, tools, and lessons and enabled her to build the top 1.6% of that company, travel around the world to speak and do executive leadership, coaching, and investing.

As a resilient hustler and avid reader, she was able to teach the things she learned to other people and they started to model after her. That’s when she realized that she was doing the right thing in her life following through with who she is becoming instead of being focused so much on how most people tell her what to do or what to become. However, it’s not a smooth drive to the top – she admits that she’s a perfectionist and she struggled a lot with it. She even had an emotional journey when she had to cancel off an engagement and had to reframe her mind to keep herself going and not giving up. Presently, she is a successful philanthropist and a speaker who’s helping out people to get out on their own way emotionally and mentally for a better life and business. In this podcast, Sarah shared her personal mantras, and experience on how she transitioned from WHAT into WHO she wanted to become, in hope that you, our dear tribe, will also be able to figure out by yourself emotionally and mentally in order for you to break out in life or business. So, sit back, dig in, and take notes as Sarah shares her wisdom.


Here’s What You Missed

  • Focus on WHO – instead of WHAT – you wanted to become
  • Results matter – not what other people say – about your product or service
  • How circumstances and situations NOT define YOU
  • A Difference between a Hustler or a Worker Mentality
  • How to deal with the Troubles of Being a Perfectionist
  • How valuable structures and systems are into one’s business
  • What is Mastery of Oneself, and How it Helps you to live your life happily, and your business successful

Sarah Fontenot: How To Become The Best Leader You Can Be


Knowledge Nuggets:

[03:08] A far more powerful question to ask is who do you want to be? Because who you want to become is connected to fulfillment “…for me, like what I think success is, it’s not just monetary. I believe that it’s your, your physical, your mental, your emotional, your spiritual, and your financial aspects”

[04:15] it’s usually us stopping ourselves from tapping into the best version of ourselves. That inner self-talk, it’s usually the fears from being indoctrinated in a belief / narrative that we have to life this life based on settling or based on what other people say.

[08:15] “…because I know that our families and our loved ones, they’re trying to keep us safe in who we are. And instead of seeing us for who we can be”. It’s not because they don’t believe in you or don’t think that you’re great.

[08:37] “that’s not for you. You’re never going to make it that’s for them over there” This family doesn’t do that. You need to do this. It may come out in the worst way, but it’s really in truly because the people that love you the most, they support you the least.

[10:00] You are not your circumstance or your situation. You’ve got to know where you are, it doesn’t matter where you start it. Are you willing to play the game to get to where you want to go?

[13:00] Just because you’re doing something differently, doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong. So, for me, I always knew like just in my heart, my passion is seeing people break out of themselves – out of the cages that we have in our own minds.

[13:50] “…there’s learned knowledge, …applied knowledge, …teaching knowledge, then there’s modeling that knowledge.” Follow the leader, become a leader, create more leaders BUT never stop following the leader – it’s an ongoing thing.

[14:35] if you do feel like you’re struggling with doubt or fear, there’s nothing that overcomes doubt or fear like a result. i.e., when you’re selling a product or service, someone can’t just bad-talk it when it does what you say it’s supposed to do or when you’ve gotten results.

[16:13] A hustler versus a worker. A worker knows when they go to work, things needed to and follow it. A hustler just makes it happen. Oftentimes they can’t tell you what they did, seems almost like a fluke but it isn’t. It’s actually consistent action done daily to the point that you have done enough of it that you’re getting results.

[18:16] In order to be successful in business, you need all three: you’ve gotta do the work, you need structure and systems, and a mindset and energy that keeps you going

[25:51] Our identity works very similar to a thermostat. Our identity is set the same way. It will find a way to come back to where it is set at.

[28:05] What most people are battling against with is not the strategy, tools and resources, but worthiness. It is the story that we have to change. It’s the identity that we really have to get crystal clear on. Confidence and belief don’t happen overnight, but will happen over time.

[31:33] Craziest relationships can get you in rooms that degrees just can’t. Be who you truly are who you say that you are and you keep it real. Just work towards it and God does his thing

[32:29] Most people don’t take the time to do the research to dig all the way deep

[33:39] Most of the times a product doesn’t really sell because people want to buy from people, they don’t want to buy from the unknown

[35:09] in the beginning, when your first start – ask for support, but don’t expect it. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. Are you putting yourself out there – exposing yourself to enough people?

[39:28] It’ll take you longer if you choose because you only have so much energy, you can only focus on so many things. And if you’re trying to focus on multiple things at once, but you’re actually good at them – it’ll just take you longer to build each thing, as opposed to putting crazy amounts of focus into one thing and stemming off one after another.

[40:14] the right way is the way that works for you. You have to know yourself; you have to be aware of what you’re bringing to the table.  How do you best operate? What are your peak hours? Do things in a way that works best for you – what makes you full and happy, that’s when you’ll thrive.

[46:32] I’ve never met a hater doing better than me. The people that are doing better than you, they want to see you do better.

[47:49] Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. It’s never going to happen; you get to choose. Stop looking at social media, stop allowing the things that people, places, circumstances and your situations to allow you to give it all up. You have to believe and go for it – even if you fail at times.

[49:22] A lot of the time people are looking for the one reason why they shouldn’t. However, instead – all you need is one reason why you should. Stop allowing things outside of you to get into your way. Reframe the way you look at things and experiences that had happened to you.

[52:07] You just can’t drift to the top of the mountain; you have to intentionally climb. It’s hard during the process, but it’s so worth it – and you are so worthy. Go for it, and give it all.


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