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DreamNation Episode 149 – Finnian Kelly: How To Achieve Financial Happiness


Can you have money and not be happy? Can you have money and be contented? Can you be financially and spiritually abundant? How To Achieve Financial Happiness? According to our podcast guest for today, Mr. Finnian Kelly, the answer to all of these questions is YES. Yes, you could be financially abundant but not happy, and you can be financially abundant and be fulfilled. What made him realized that? Is he in the right position to be saying so? Let’s have a quick recount of Finnian’s earlier life.


As a boy, Finnian felt his parents are not interested in what he does and he felt abandoned and unloved. That made a big hole in his life. He tried filling that hole with the achievement of external things. He was driven by materialistic success. He began accumulating wealth, lived in a ski resort, owned multiple 7-figure businesses, received multiple industry awards, and was married to the love of his life. He thought those material achievements will fill the void in his heart- the feeling of being unloved and unappreciated. But the feeling of being lost came back after her wife left him. He was again in the dark, losing his way. According to him, when there’s nothing left to chase, you have no choice but to go inwards. He looked for divine guidance, and he found it. He worked with a spiritual teacher and discovered the power of breathwork. He then found himself, returned to wholeness, and remembered that he is love, abundance, and manifestor. Today, he is teaching everyone that YOU are too. You are love, abundance, and a powerful manifestor.


He is huge in teaching people how to be financially happy. How to be financially abundant and happy and contented at the same time. Practical tips on achieving this including finding spirituality, being present, being intentional, discovering breath work, self-compassion, journaling, books, and morning routine. Be sure that you are ready to take notes and to get them to action because you’ll be receiving huge nuggets from today’s episode!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Can you be financially abundant, happy and fulfilled at the same time?
  • Connecting money with spirituality- how?
  • How can you find your way? Where should you look for divine guidance?
  • How important is having morning routines?
  • Discover the top ‘Money Sabotages’ that may have been working inside you
  • Paying debts vs investing

Finnian Kelly: How To Achieve Financial Happiness?


Knowledge Nuggets


[1:53] Financially happy vs financially abundant: Financially happy is being happy and wealthy NOW. Versus just having money but not fulfilled.


[3:31] It about connecting money with spirituality. Then we can start living in the present because being present is magical.


[5:47] Live life where you feel happy, fulfilled, and flourishing. If you go against your life’s purpose, you end up dying


[9:26] You need to intentionally work through life. Be in one with the present moment.


[11:39] Realize that you can create a way out of what you’re feeling right now. Self-compassion, tenderness, and being mindful will help you not harshly criticize yourself


[14:20] How to find your way: Breathwork. Books. Being around people who you are inspired by. Meditate. Journaling


[22:40] Morning routine: Wake up, smile, set my intentions for the day, do clearing breaths, calm myself down a bit, be present, look for positiveness then write down a couple of gratitude things. Set intentions, don’t set structures


[27:42] Little behavior changes the feedback loop, then you start feeling better and starts going to the cycle before you know it, you have an incremental change


[31:34] Money stories: Combination of your family’s background of which you’re exposed to, and your own experiences with money in your timeline. We are the creators of our realities. We have these ’12 Money Sabotages’ that are working inside us


[34:09] Money connected with spirituality to make us happier and wealthier. Money is very important because it what enables us to have a choice. Money is just energy and it’s what our relationship with it that determines whether it’s serving us or not


[36:] Does not matter what situation you’re in, if you don’t have enough money, just find any way you can invest when you do that you’ll start feeling ‘this is what an abundant person does’ you start feeling empowered


[38:20] Paying debts vs investing


[39:30] Money is a magnifier. If you have a hole, the money will make it bigger. Fill up that hole first while you don’t have much money


[43:30] You are not your feelings.


[44:30] If you are happy with where you are, why will you keep operating on the same system? What will you lose? What’s the risk of not taking action?


Important Reads and Links


Finnian Kelly Website:                        https://www.finniankelly.com/

Finnian Kelly YouTube:                                       https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUOzN4ilqmHWNs4m5BkdLxw

Finnian Kelly Instagram:                      https://www.instagram.com/thefinniankelly/

Finnian Kelly Facebook:                      https://www.facebook.com/thefinniankelly

Finnian Kelly Twitter:                          https://twitter.com/TheFinnKelly


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