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DreamNation Episode 148 – Ryan Scribner: How To Build A Personal Media Platform In 2021

How To Build A Personal Media Platform? With COVID still lingering around, going outside is indeed risky. With millions of active YouTube channels right now, taking the plunge and investing your time and resources into the online market sounds very risky. Our guest today, Ryan Scribner fully understands your fear of risks and the process involved in that journey. Listen to us as we discuss how he had shifted from a day job into a full-time dedicated YouTuber and Blogger successfully despite the risks and insecurity. Learn valuable life lessons, recognize a practical yet effective mindset, and how to make things work in an online venture. But first, let’s discuss a bit about his humble beginnings and pivot points in life which will give us the courage we need in today’s risky world.

At the age of 15, Ryan’s parents divorced and he had to live a basic middle-class life. He ended living in rent along with his mom and brother, utilizing food stamps and coupons; having to make the most of their money out of a tight financial budget. They experienced shaky financial periods where his mom had to pawn off some of her jewelry just to pay rent. But it is that childhood where he learned the importance of having money and how it affects your choices and decisions. Ryan eventually got into college and that impact he had made him look at work vs pay from a strictly financial standpoint. Not until such time when he got a job for a power utility company, he experienced confrontations with different people at their breaking point due to financial crisis. At some point, he even got chased by a man with a crowbar when he worked as a past-due bill-collector and warning people of shutting off their electricity connection. By then he actually started thinking seriously about what he really wanted to do for a living. He realized that he’s more capable of doing more and better than spreading out three hours of work spread across eight hours of the day. It’s just not his style.

While undergoing the transition process of a day job-worker into a full-time YouTuber / Blogger, finding time and resources to research and make quality videos aren’t the hardest hurdles he needed to overcome. At some point, there were times when his friends call him crazy, like “what are you doing posting these videos?”. Today? His monthly earnings as an affiliate marketing expert rival that of his former annual salary from his old job. Last year, Forbes Magazine even recognized him as the Number 1 must-watch YouTube channel for making money. In this podcast, Ryan Scribner shared his crucial life pivot points, strategies on handling day job and a side hustle, resilience, and his ability to plan for future risks, in hope that you, our dear tribe, will also get the courage to overcome the insecurities and fears that you are currently facing in starting out your online venture. So, sit back, dig in, and take notes as Ryan invigorates us with his success.


Here’s What You Missed


  • The difference between having and not having money in making choices and decisions
  • School Knowledge versus Real Skills in terms of financial situations
  • Better ways of making money that you’re really passionate about
  • Continued learning, implementation, and improvement – vital for success
  • How and when to take risks; Having a Virtual Life Raft
  • Online business work: Linear or Exponential growth?

How To Build A Personal Media Platform in 2021?


Knowledge Nuggets

[3:27] When you have money, you don’t really have to worry about choices or options. However, when you don’t have money, you have to start making choices and decisions.

[4:22] You have to make sacrifices that aren’t very fun or comfortable, when you don’t have money

[7:03] …tough, but it was also a really good experience for me, because I got to see how bad it can be when you don’t have money

[7:53] I was seeing people at their breaking point – where everything had stacked up financially, but then reality sets in

[9:40] I realized that a lot of what you learn in school isn’t necessarily what helps you in the real world in terms of like real skills that are going to help you avoid bad financial situations

[13:47] Three hours of work spread across eight hours of the day. That’s just not really my style. I like to be productive and working towards something, rather than spending time gossiping during downtimes

[16:37] …fueling myself with motivational stuff. There’s gotta be a better way to make money out of just… doing work that I’m not even really passionate about

[18:25] …clearly there’s a demand…and it doesn’t appear that it’s being filled.

[20:27] I can say for a fact, I made the mistake early on of solely going after the money, when I was looking at what I wanted to do for a living

[22:18] I didn’t necessarily have all of the skills, but I’ve always been very resourceful… continuing process of learning, implementing and improving

[22:18] I didn’t necessarily have all of the skills, but I’ve always been very resourceful…continuing process of learning, implementing and improving

[25:24] When you’re taking a massive risk and putting yourself out there, you’re not going to have much support in terms of friends and family members

[26:29] After improving my production quality, and doing video after video, I started to gain some traction.

[29:38] Live as frugally as possible, spend as little as possible, dedicate myself…and see if I can make it work.

[30:27] Once you start earning money in ways outside of nine to five where you’re just exchanging your time for money – there’s ways to scale and make significantly more money than you do

[34:20] It’s definitely easier in 2016 than it is today in starting out a YouTube channel. But it’s not impossible. In my opinion, Tik Tok is the fastest place to grow an audience right now. It’s also a platform where you can divert that traffic to your channel or to your blog.

[35:46] a lot of online finance resources are just very complicated. It was almost as if you needed a finance degree to understand these finance blogs. Most of the people searching for these don’t have a finance degree, don’t know what most of these blogs are talking about.

[36:52] I wanted to make sure that I had like a life raft (InvestingSimple blog). If my YouTube Channel went under…i could just jump on that boat, an dedicate myself full-time and scale that up. Because I own it, it’s my website, I can build it the way I want it.  YouTube is like a rented space.

[39:37] If youre starting something like the odds are against you…You have to almost be so driven that you would never give up. A lot of people don’t realize that when you scale up online, it’s usually exponential growth.

[43:23] If you’re able to dedicate yourself for many months without results, then I absolutely think’s it’s a great opportunity (YouTube and Blogging). But if you’re looking to get eyeballs on stuff as fast as possible, I firmly believe that it’s Tik-Tok right now.

[46:01] Don’t focus so much on how am I going to do that. i.e Don’t need to worry about step 57 until you’re at 56. Don’t focus so much on the practicality or the risks involved.

[48:13] You only have to be one chapter ahead of the people that you’re the last chapter too. You don’t have to have mastered the whole book. i.e You’re on chapter three, and then you can lend helping a hand and teach people on chapter two.

[48:58] The idea of expertise – something that needs a new definition, especially online. The people in the process of something actually often have more wisdom to share than the experts.


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Recommended books:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter


Ryan Scribner Website:                            https://ryanoscribner.com/

Ryan Scribner Instagram:                          https://www.instagram.com/ryanscribnerofficial/

Ryan Scribner Facebook:                          https://www.facebook.com/ryanoscribner/

Ryan Scribner Twitter:                               https://twitter.com/ryanoscribner?lang=en

Ryan Scribner YouTube:                            https://www.youtube.com/ryanscribner


Ryan Scribner’s co-authored finance and investment blog:                              https://www.investingsimple.com/


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