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DreamNation Real Estate 17 – Gustavo Munoz Castro: How To Start Your Lead Generating Machine

Our podcast guest for today is someone who already tasted the sweet life of the corporate world. He was actually a senior engineer at Microsoft for 10 years, he got a big house, beautiful cars, and lavish vacations. Why did he pivot to entrepreneurship? Why Real Estate? What would he say about his decision to pivot, was it worth it? We are all going to tackle these questions and so much more with Gustavo Munoz Castro, and be motivated to live a life of our design!


Gus was born and raised in Mexico, at a place near the border with California. He grew up seeing and understanding both cultures, he even identifies himself as part of both communities. Growing up with parents who are both teachers, he also aimed to excel in class. True enough, he became a straight A’s student, went to university and studied engineering, then recruited by Microsoft company to work in the United States. There he met his wife, built a big house, accumulated nice things, and went on great vacations. He was living ‘great’ corporate life for 10 years until he realized that that kind of life was not actually for him and that there’s something else life could offer him. That’s when he started to look at the Real Estate arena, and his life is set for a great adventure.


His wife was an emerging Real Estate rookie agent of the year by that time, the year 2008, and he got licensed by the year 2010. The shift made him lose a few of his nice cars but he was satisfied. He loved entrepreneurship and he discovered huge nuggets which he shared today to help you win entrepreneurship too. Since 2015, he runs one of the largest Inside Sales teams for Real Estate in North America, with 65 agents making about 50K outbound dials a day. He runs a 7-figure a year business and has over 600+ active clients, mostly from Facebook leads. Today, Gus is so passionate about helping business owners be successful through online marketing and lead follow-up, team building, sales scripts, online lead conversion, and much more. Be prepared to take in a lot of great insight, tips, and tactical steps to winning Real Estate today!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Gustavo’s early life and career and why he made the pivot
  • How to do lead generation the right way
  • Why Facebook is a great lead generation market
  • Step by step tips on making your Facebook advertisements
  • How conversion works and how to convert Facebook leads
  • How do you help clients win

How To Start Your Lead Generating Machine?


Knowledge Nuggets


[7:46] It’s not that I read a book and worked on it. It’s the accumulation of things that I learned along the way


[12:36] I want to bet on myself and I want to give myself a chance.


[16:49] On lead generation: You got to talk to people you’ve never met before- unmet leads. You’ll accelerate if you find a way to convert people you’ve never met before.


[20:40] Number 1 lead source across USA and Canada: Facebook. If you can convert them. Facebook will raise prices accordingly soon, but it’s not there yet, so I tell people to grab the opportunity and get a great ROI.


[25:15] Start first on your own. Don’t hire someone else for things you haven’t tried on your own.


[] On making advertisement: Good image, and the first line of Facebook ad that’s interesting and attention-grabbing. At least make a Facebook ad and put $5-10 a day on for a week and see the results you get. Pick up the phone and call them. If we call that lead within 60 days for 14 times, we are going to talk to the majority.


[32:51] A lot of Facebook leads will not get to bet tot business right away, but if you have any kind of follow-ups sequence or nurturing methods, put all those people into that. Because even though you haven’t met them, you would want to put them in a database. You will want to do something to nurture them, at least send them an email once a month.


How to convert Facebook leads:

  1. Speedily. Reach out while they are on their phone. That’s where the Chatbox and other apps come in.
  2. Follow-up plan. Aim for six touches in a week.
  3. Offer them something valuable. Have a hook.


There are different stages of conversions. You got to convert them to a pending deal. You got to coach, motivate, and train your client to win that house.


[42:41] The way to get better at these conversions is by adding more of them and getting into them. Prepare your scripts for objections from clients, prepare for professional answers, and work on your conversational ability.


[45:07] The value of the home is always determined by the market, don’t look at the listing price.


[57:41] As an agent you have to protect your time as well. You don’t want to be dealing with people that are not coachable. Make sure that you are working with qualified buyers that actually want to move into the house.


[49:22] Being honest with people is caring for them. Not caring is having to go with the flow and not saying anything.


[51:52] I realized how little I had to lose. If the worst thing that can happen to you is you lose some of your stuff, put yourself in the right spot. That is not so much of a risk at all, you have your health, your family. The year 2020 is the best year of entrepreneurship in history so far. If you realized this, life is there, you can live it, become a better person, and be more experienced.


Important Reads and Links


Gustavo Munoz Castro Website:                                      https://www.powerisa.com/bio/

Gustavo Munoz Castro Facebook:                                   https://www.facebook.com/gustavo.munoz.castro

Gustavo Munoz Castro Facebook Group:


Gustavo Munoz Castro Instagram:                                   https://www.instagram.com/gustavopowerisa/

Gustavo Munoz Castro Twitter:                                        https://twitter.com/GustavoMuozCas1


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