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DreamNation 165 – A.D. Dolphin: How To Avoid Being Average?

How To Avoid Being Average? In today’s DreamNation podcast episode, we will explore AD Dophin’s fascinating entrepreneurial journey. Are you currently lost and not 100% sure whether you are investing in the right business? Are you in a partnership that you are unsure of? Are you testing so many niches that you are almost certain you are just wasting your time? It’s time to bid these negative feelings goodbye as you listen to the inspiring stories and thought-provoking life lessons from AD Dolphin!


AD likes to describe himself as someone who works every single day and shows up every single time, no matter what. His entrepreneurial influences from his grandfather, John Dolphin, and his parents inspired him to take a similar path. Additionally, he also long understood that his personality will never suit the corporate world. He is a self-proclaimed ‘rebel ’and he says it would be difficult for him to work for someone else. True enough, he has ventured into different industries, from building a vending machine company, investing in a basketball training business, real estate, and currently, The Dherbs- an herb supplement company.


When asked whether it would be best to go for-profit or passion first, he says his passion is business. What did he mean with that? Be sure to listen to this podcast episode in full and appreciate his gift of understanding business, a gift you might also have! Listen to him as he relates how he was able to achieve everything so far, and yet still thirst for both knowledge and experience. It’s time to take down notes and be ready to play this episode over and over again!

How To Avoid Being Average in 2021?



Here’s What You Missed:


  • How AD Dolphin achieved success
  • AD’s different business ventures before he successfully founded Dherbs
  • Profit is my passion—is it possible?
  • How he met Steve Harvey and successfully advertised in the Steve Harvey Show
  • How to be successful

Podcast Flow


[2:33] AD talks about learning entrepreneurship from his grandfather, John Dolphin


[5:11] His first profitable business—a vending machine company


[7:15] Basketball training business and real estate


[9:19] Profit or passion?: ‘My passion IS business.’


[11:39] His current company: Natural Herbs Company, Dherbs—the “hows” and “whys”


[14:42] How he focused on two things: Great product and great marketing


[16:52] How he met Steve Harvey and got to advertise on his show. He also explained how they did the advertisement there and became successful as opposed to another show they advertised on


[27:49] AD explains what the Herbs full body cleansing is


[36:12] Where do entrepreneurs go wrong at? Also shares about the businesses that he thought would take off but did not work out


[47:44] Two things he learned on how to be successful





[6:44] Sometimes things happen for a reason and push you in a different direction and it pays off for you in the end.


[8:08] I started using other people’s money. I use wealthy people’s money to flip real estate, train their kids, and get the chance to interact with them and learn so many nuggets.


[9:19] My passion is business. I love developing businesses and seeing them grow—that was my passion.


[15:34] You really make yourself beholden to everyone else’s rules aside from what you’re trying to inspire to do.


[20:28] So I had the reason why you got to believe in yourself and you got to take these kinds of chances. It’s because these could be life-changing chances that you make.


[24:59] Sometimes the numbers can be smaller in a certain area, and you can do better over there, opposed to the people with the millions upon millions of listeners.


[25:58] Life is a constant fight and a constant learning. If you’re not in constant change and constant learning mode, it’s hard for you to really take in the information that you need to be successful and to continue to be successful.


[29:12] There are a lot of people falling off the planet that looks good on the outside, but what counts is what’s going on in the inside


[31:46] Lead by the example. Don’t worry about your environment. Just get up, do your thing, and then catch up.


[35:41] Unless I’m interested in the business and plan on having a hand in it, in some way, shape, or form, that’s the only way I’m doing it.


[42:07] There are different levels of understanding of what business is and what needs to be conducted so you can get to the next level.


[45:00] That’s the hardest part. Learning how to make your gifts work for you. And a lot of times it may not even be the person that can learn how to make it work.


[48:51] What I learned is being persistent and consistent. You can accomplish anything in life; it’s truly up to you.


[49:13] The guy who works hard is going to beat the guy with talent if the guy with talent doesn’t work hard.


[52:29] You have to surround yourself with people who don’t think like you—people who see life a little bit differently.


[54:50] If that’s what you really truly want to do, and you’re willing to go through hell and back to get it, then go for it and don’t look back.


Podcast Guest Links:

AD Dolphin Dherbs Website:                           https://www.dherbs.com/
AD Dolphin LinkedIn:                                       https://www.linkedin.com/in/ad-dolphin-2018b818/

DHerbs Instagram:                                             https://www.instagram.com/dherbs/

DHerbs Facebook:                                              https://web.facebook.com/dherbsfamily/




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