DreamNation Real Estate 34 – Mike Ayala: How To Invest In Freedom

Are you frustrated because it seems like nothing is going according to how you want or plan? How can we transition from a negative to a positive mindset? That is what we are going to learn from our podcast guest today, Mr. Mike Ayala.

Growing from a rough childhood, Mike learned some meaningful life lessons while still young. He had his first job cleaning a doctor’s office when he was 12. At 15, he worked in a restaurant then eventually became a cook. He was just so optimistic about life and believed that nothing can beat hard work.

Having no one in the family who had entrepreneurial experience, he had it tough when he became the first in their family to start a business. And the rest is history, which is why he is here with us today to share important tips on how to surround ourselves with the right people and having the right mindset. So, buckle up, and definitely jot down important notes as we give him our full attention on this podcast!

Here’s what you missed:

  • The importance of having a proper mindset while still young
  • It’s good to sometimes lean on intuitions
  • Surround yourself with the right people
  • Two types of people: entrepreneur and investor
  • Who do I have to become? What do I have to change in my world?


(2:44) Mike talks about having a rough childhood

(3:13) Talks about his interest in freedom

(4:32) Growing up with different family members

(5:51) Shares about being the first family member to start his own business

(7:26) Getting his first job at the age 12

(8:23) Reminiscing the crossroads he and his wife had

(9:31) His life as a plumber

(13:05) Talks about the essence of being surrounded by the right people

(15:18) Gives insights about the book Rocket Fuel

(23:41) How he got his first deal

(24:22) Three Ds: death, divorce, or don’t want them.

(30:04) Three Cs: character, collateral and credit



(2:56) I had so many negative role models in my life that it really taught me who I didn’t want to be.

(7:44) If I wanted something I had to go, I had to go make it happen.

(8:09) A combination of passion, profit and circumstance. So, I’m a firm believer that if you just lean into it, you don’t have to have everything mapped out.

(11:35) But I’ve often said anything with two heads is a monster, and being part of something with five heads, I was like, no way, this is going to be a disaster.

(12:28) At some point in time, you’ve got to lean into intuition. I’m not telling you to always lean in. You can’t always go with your gut. Numbers have to be a part of the process.

(13:01) You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.

(13:44) You can find people; you can surround yourself with people that can help you get to where you want to go.

(15:41) If we can just focus on each other’s strengths and not each other’s weaknesses, you’ll be so much happier, and so will your kids, and so all your employees.

(19:41) If your business is not helping you achieve your personal goals, you just own a job.

(24:21) If you can hear somebody saying one of the three Ds: death, divorce, or don’t want them, for some reason, that’s your opportunity to buy it.

(30:33) So what most people measure as most important is the credit score, but the reality is the collateral. As you get more and more into business and investing, what’s going to matter more than your credit score is the collateral in the deal, and more importantly, you’re your character.

(51:36) This may not be completely practical, but I think if you work through the process, it will help you.



Investing for Freedom – podcast

Rocket Fuel – Book

Richest Man in Babylon – Book

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – book

Cashflow Quadrant – book


Mike Ayala Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themikeayala/?hl=en

Mike Ayala Investing for Freedom Podcast: https://investingforfreedom.co/


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