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DNRE 101 – Gino Barbaro: How to Get Started in Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  •         Introduction [00:00:00]
  •         How Many Deals Have They Done? [00:02:29]
  •         Who is the Clark Kent, When It Comes to Gino Barbaro? [00:03:23]
  •         His First Deal and How it Panned Out for Him? [00:07:09]
  •         Why He Decided to Buy a Mobile Park Home after his Fourplex Deal [00:12:39]
  •         Is a Fourplex a Multifamily Property? [00:14:50]
  •         How To Get into Multi-Family Properties?  [00:18:56]
  •         How to Invest in a State Where You Don’t Have any Connections? [00:22:33]
  •         How to Find Great Multifamily Deals? [00:28:19]
  •         One Thing He Wishes He Had Implemented Sooner to Accelerate His Journey? [00:32:50]
  •         Syndication Vs. Creative Financing? [00:36:45]
  •         Share in a Deal When Managing Funds from IRAs [00:39:34]
  •         His Advice for People Looking to Take Action [00:43:49]
  •         Where to Find Gino Barbaro? [00:45:20]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova talks with Gino Barbaro. He talks about his journey from running a pizza place to full time multifamily investor. He talks about his first deal, the mistakes that he made and the invaluable lessons he learned on his way to owning over a thousand units. He also shares tips for the people interested in the multifamily space and much more. Have a listen.

Key Quotes:

  •         You can control what’s going into your mind and who you’re surrounding yourself with.
  •         “Ultimately everybody else wanted to achieve success, which is, achieving success is getting what you want and achieving fulfillment, giving back for what you’ve got…”
  •         “The work-life balance works like this. If you love work. You’re going to come home and you going to be present with your kids. If you hate your job, nine to five, you’re going to come home. You’re going to be pissed off. You’re not going to really enjoy your family, and you are going to be thinking about work and going back to work.”
  •         “I always say, commit, then figure it out…”
  •         “Be careful when you’re looking at real estate at the market itself, and what’s going on, is it business-friendly? Is it tax-friendly? and where’s the migration? Where is the flow of money going?”
  •         “Man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience gets the money and the man with the money gets the experience…”
  •         “You want to stay away from the shiny objects syndrome. Focus on a niche…”
  •         “What I want everybody on the call to think about and what they should all strive for is to become financially free…”
  •         “Josh taught me this phrase and I always use it all the time. It’s pay to play or seek to serve. You can do one of those two things…”
  •         “For anybody looking to invest outside of the market, they need to focus on one or two markets at the most, especially when you first start out, because you’re going to need to create broker relationships…”
  •         “That’s another perspective, it is not just about the real estate numbers. It’s about the ability for you to get to that market…”
  •         “[Syndication] is just a tool in the toolbox where I like every student or every potential investor to do, to learn as many strategies and techniques as possible…”


  •         Atomic Habits by James Clear
  •         Giftology by John Ruhlin
  •         Stick with It by Sean D. Young
  •         Killing Sacred Cows by Garrett Gunderson
  •       https://jakeandgino.com/podcasts/

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