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DN239 – Peter Voogd: How To Work Less, Make More and Live a World-Class Lifestyle


Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  •         Introduction [00:00:00]
  •         Who is the Clark Kent, When It Comes to Peter Voogd? [00:01:30]
  •         Where Did He Learn His Values From? [00:02:33]
  •         Where Did He Get the Inspiration to Move Out of His Small Town? [00:05:01]
  •         The Best Investment That He Made on His Way to $10 Million [00:12:48]
  •         How Did He Learn His Seven Rules to Seven Figures? [00:19:04]
  •         Which Space Has the Most Potential Over the Next Five to Ten Years? [00:31:28]
  •         One Thing He Wishes He Had Implemented Sooner to Accelerate His Journey? [00:35:06]
  •         Where to Find Peter Voogd [00:37:51]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova talks with Peter Voogd. He shares his journey, from being a small-town kid to a best-selling author, how his upbringing contributed to his values and being a family man, why he always felt like an outcast for not conforming to the 9 to 5 job regimen, how he went from dead broke to six figures in five months, his obsession with lifestyle and freedom, the mindset behind his new book, and much more. Have a listen.

Key Quotes:

  •         “I’m a small-town kid that takes his family more serious than anything else. Everything I do is for the family and to create freedom for the family…”
  •         “Who I become, how much I push myself is direct proportion to how they [kids] grow up and them being developed and matured adults. It just drives me like crazy to look in their eyes and realize if I cut corners, it affects their entire life…”
  •         “I want to get paid based off my value and who I am and my ambition and my energy and my ability to get people results and make people happy…”
  •         “One of the reasons that I want to share with people is, I had so many reasons to be successful and I think reasons come first results come second…”
  •         “If you’ve built a hundred million dollar business, but you don’t have a lifestyle you’re proud of, I think you did it all wrong…”
  •         “I think is the best way to create a life of meaning and significance is by building a business that inspires people…”
  •         “First it’s personal growth, personal development, my team, and then obviously it’s my network. When you invest in those three things, you will not believe the upside and potential…”
  •         “Whatever you do the best with the least amount of effort is your gift…”
  •         “Once you start understanding who you are and you understand how to elevate your network, it’s almost guaranteed that money comes after…”
  •         “I feel like if people get addicted to outcomes and results, not just information and knowledge and learning, that’s when they start to see some real traction…”
  •         “You don’t have to know, you figure out your strengths and then hire people that love doing what you hate doing…”
  •         “The lesson is just, don’t take so many opinions. Only take advice from people you respect that you would trade places with, that have similar values that are where you want to be…”



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