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Building Your Business Muscles with Sam Bakhtiar | Episode #88

What makes a business successful? If I told you it was “muscles”, you’d probably laugh.


Learn Building Your Business in 2021


But world-class bodybuilder Sam Bakhtiar may have you think differently. Sam Bakhtiar has built his physical muscles, but he’s also built his business muscles. Sam Bakhtiar is a multi-million dollar entrepreneur with multiple businesses, a franchise with over 100 locations, and more.


But he didn’t get those “business muscles” without the same three ingredients you can use to start your business:

  • Persistence: Build your business muscles by moving through obstacles
  • Mentoring: Supercharge your skills by investing in the right mentors
  • Relationships & Systems: Grow your business by building the right relationships & systems


In this episode, Sam shares how we can build  “business muscles” so we can build the life that we want to live.Sam shares how he made the powerful transformation as a refugee from war-torn country Iran to living with a single mom in the hood into a multi-million CEO who is inspiring millions.


But that’s not all he shares.


Sam breaks down even more lessons that he learned AFTER he made the success including how he learned to rebuild after almost going bankrupt and how he learned the deeper meaning of success. He also goes in depth about what people should focus on during the quarantine.


If you are a person struggling with creating the business you want for the life you dream about, tune into this episode to learn how to build your “business muscles.


Here’s What You Missed

  • Can I choose passion or profit…or do I have to choose one?
  • The principle of “building baby muscles” led to his success as a bodybuilder
  • Finding the “magic” in your work and your life
  • How to stop trying to keep up with the rich and make real money
  • Dealing with obstacles to build your business muscles
  • Should I invest in a mentor?
  • Should I be an employee or a boss?


Pay attention to these knowledge drops in the episode

[1:31] Overcoming Obstacles As a child, Sam faced many obstacles on the path to success. He grew up without a father or siblings. He escaped Iran during war and arrived in America and had to struggle with his mother to make the best of his situation.


[7:56] Principle of Baby Muscles Because Sam was having a challenging time, Sam wanted to leave America as a child. Knowing that he couldn’t, Sam’s mother challenged him to confront his challenges. He did and found a new passion in life (in an unexpected way).that would change the rest of his life.


[10:50] Passion or Profit The age old question of “Do i work for fun and how do I pay for it?” is Sam’s next “knowledge drop”. Sam shares what you need to consider when considering these questions and how he answered that question in his own life.


[15:12] Understanding True Success  Most people assume that success is easy to handle, but as Sam shows, it can be difficult. When you didn’t grow up with a lot of money, having a lot of money can be a problem. If you lose your money (or get at risk of losing your money like Sam), that can also be a problem. Find out how Sam overcame obstacles and learned what success is really about


[26:00} Investing in Mentors When Sam was introduced to his first mentor, he didn’t want to cut the check until he realized the value in getting a mentor. Sam shares a funny story about how he learned about the importance of mentors and why he invests 6 figures every year to keep his personal development came.


[38:00} Employee or Boss? Sam deals with another common question: Who has the better life, employees or bosses? He breaks down his perspective on the question and shares why he believes everyone should treat their work (whatever they do), like a business, especially in these uncertain times.


Important Books to Check Out

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!  by Robert Kiyosaki

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael Gerber


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