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From Quarantine to Entrepreneur | Episode #89

If this quarantine has taught us anything about finances, it’s that depending on one income can be a scary thing. As Casanova has shared multiple times on the DreamNation podcast, building multiple streams of income is a NECESSITY.

In this episode, we learn more about what that looks like for a world currently under quarantine and stay-at-home orders. Casanova shares how to find and develop your “high-income skill” and use that skill to help you make more money, now and when the economy gets back on track

Becoming Quarantine to Entrepreneur in Covid

Here’s What You Missed

  • How can I make more money now during the quarantine?
  • What are the ONLY 3 things you can control in your career?
  • How do I manage my money during this time?
  • Should I be investing?
  • Why entrepreneurs are awesome
  • How to do personal development, #athome style


Knowledge Nuggets

{2:28} Knowing Your Worth In this new economy, filling out a resume or application may be enough to get a job, but it’s not enough to build multiple streams of income. For that, you need to know your worth and be able to showcase that worth online and in the real world. In this segment, Casanova discusses how to find and share skills in new ways to make money in our current economy


[5:51} The 3 Essential Career Factors No matter what kind of job we have, there are things we control and things we don’t.control. Taking advantage of things you can control is key to mastering your professional and personal success


[9:10} Managing Your Money  If you’re wondering whether you should use some of your money to invest during this unpredictable period, Casanova has an answer. He breaks down how to manage your money and  why NOW is a good time to invest (or prepare to invest)


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