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Patrice Washington Interview Episode #53

On this FIRE episode, Patrice Washington shares with us how she redefined her wealth. From a harsh childhood to a college prodigy, she always knew she wanted to reach her full potential and help others while she’s at it.

Building her own path in Real Estate, she became a very succesful investor, and even through a recesion she kept close to her mission, teaching others how to aim higher and reach their goals.

From working with Steve Harvey to writing 4 books and maintaining her blog and podcast, “The American Money Maven” as she’s known, is a testimony of the phrase “Chase purpose, not wealth”.

Power Quotes in Patrice Washington Interview


– “I was running from an upbringing I didn’t want, that’s where I got my drive and confidence”

-“You can’t heal in the same environment that makes you sick”

-“If god gave you a mission, the provisions are there”

-“You don’t get what you want, you get what you believe” – Steve Harvey

-“My plan B is to get plan A to work!”

-“Knowledge is one thing, wisdom is knowing how to apply that knowledge”

-“If you know something, it’s your responsibility to teach it”

-“You may die at 50% your potential. Your mission is to help the 10-20-30-40%’s that are out there”


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