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How to Find Your Life Purpose | Episode #54

In this episode, Casanova covers one of the biggest questions you must answer in life: What is the purpose of my life? 


How to Find Your Life Purpose in 2021?

It’s a simple question but it has a lot of layers to unpack.

So, let’s get to unpacking.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What does “finding your life’s purpose” even mean?
  • Why your biggest purpose isn’t money
  • How to shift from a “take” mentality to a “give” mindset
  • Casanova’s biggest inspiration in business (Hint: This musician makes billions)
  • How to find your gift using 3 (almost) easy steps
  • Why ice cream sandwiches are the best ways to give compliments
  • Appreciating the people right in front of you
  • An inspiring story of the power of relationships


Podcast Stopping Points

[1:22] Making the shift from a “take” to “give” mentality (in a way that a 4-year old can understand it)


[3:27] Casanova’s biggest inspiration


[5:46] The 3 steps to finding your gift


[7:44] The “ice cream sandwich” approach to communication


[15:47] Insight into the daily wins and losses of life


[16:30] Having a trusted friend for emotional support

Power Quotes

“My dad was never in my life so he couldn’t tell me, ‘OK son, here is how you choose your life’s purpose.”


“It’s about…how many people do you help,”


“We’re searching for the forest when we got trees that are already in our face.”


“If I didn’t come from a wealthy family, how do I make sure one comes from me?”

Resources to Check Out

Arc of Spade Champagne and Jay-Z


David Powertalk website


Dream Motivates website


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