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Episode #47 Jake Havron’s Inspiring Tale Through Every Meaning Of The Word ‘Transformation’

Taking care of your health is the  #1 concern you should have according to most of the world’s top minds and businessmen. It’s also common sense, but as Jake puts it: That common sense not always transforms into common practice.

Complete Transformation

Growing up as the chubby little brother in Maui, he faced bullying and insecurities, but instead of throwing a pity party, he used that as fuel to turn into his better self. Later on, earning his nursing degree was a way to obtain “job security” and get to know two pillars of his future business: the human body and a humane touch to serving other people.

Now Jake travels the world coaching online and offline, turning his desire for improvement into service to improve others. He shares with us his tips to turn a dream into a business and evolving from the hero of your own story into a guide to those who need it.

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