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Episode 46 – ???? How David “Powertalk” Solomon Built His Empire Based On Persistence and Faith

David is a true herald of living a life by your design. Confronted with hardship and circumstances that may have made some people quit, he chose to be better, to make the people around him proud.

Born in Henderson, North Carolina, both his parents were multi-substance abusers and as a result he was obligated to live with his paternal grandmother. Growing up in Newark, David was subjected to gangs, gun violence, drugs and theft at an early age. Making poor choices and suffering tragedy and loss of many close friends, David was placed in a position to change his lifestyle and realized it was time to turn his life around.

Through persistence and faith as a guide, he became an electrical engineer and eventually a business owner, while he uses his experiences to get on stages and motivate people to be better.


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