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Episode 43 – ???? Dr. George C. Fraser’s Sage And Unapologetic Views On Black Wealth

How do African Americans improve their finances? How do Black people get ahead?


If you ask networking expert Dr. George C. Fraser would give 2 answers, wealth building and relationships. We need to build and transfer wealth and we need to do it together.


In this powerful, one-of-kind episode, Dr. Fraser invites us to look at African American money from a bold and unapologetic new perspective. Dr. Fraser shares why we need a new vision for Black excellence and how we can use that vision to build generational and people wealth.


Listen in you’re ready to make a bold change in the way you think about in building abundance in your bank account and relationships.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode: Unapologetic Views On Black Wealth
  • The basic success principle behind any kind of wealth
  • A message of hope for the Black Community
  • Why Dr. Fraser says African Americans are not woke to their true identity
  • Why Africans own the least of the world’s resources- – and how we can fix it
  • How Casanova’s life connected him to meeting Dr. Fraser
  • Master networking tips from the man spent 35+ years networking
  • How to network efficiently over the phone
  • How to get over your fear as a public speaker
  • How to build a personal brand


Podcast Stopping Points

[1:44] “First thing first,second things never…”


[4:45] An inspirational message for the Black community


[8:32] Rethinking Black history


[10:06] Why American slavery was uniquely destructive to Africans


[11:06] A radically new look at the connection between Africans and African Americans


[14:33] The poor state of Black financial education


[19:30] Casanova’s stories…that led him right to connecting with Dr. Fraser


[27:31] Clarence Avant


[31:16] How did you become a master networker?


[32:45] The most profound networking Dr. Fraser has read


[36:25] Networking as a practice


[44:18] How do you get started in public speaker/


[51:45] How do you turn public speaking into a career in this modern era of information overload?


[57:00] What is the key to breaking out of poverty?



Power Quotes

“We’re all taught that you need to get up as early as possible.”


“We need to reset….here’s need to be generational transformation.”


“We can be better than we are.”


“We are the children of the slaves who did not die.”


“Do you believe God would send His weakest people to America do His toughest job?


“There are no meaningless coincidences.”


“You can’t just work hard and let your money dissipate.”


“We have been second-class citizens for 400 years. This needs to end.”


“You’re going to have to collect friends.”


“Networking is a practice.”



Resources to Check Out

Power Networking Conference


Success Runs in Our Race: The Complete Guide to Effective Networking in the Black Community


Other Resources

Willie Barney


Dennis Kimbro


Upcoming Clarence Avant documentary


“How to Work a Room” by Susan RoAne


“Mission Unstoppable” by Les Brown and Dr. George Fraser



About Our Guest

Dr. George C. Fraser is a former corporate executive turned master networker, the Chairman and CEO of Frasernet, speaker, author,  founder of the Power Networking Conference who has been inducted into the Minority Business Hall of Fame along with 300+ other awards.


Dr. Fraser on LinkedIn


Dr. Fraser on Twitter


Dr. Fraser on Instagram


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