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Episode 44 – ???? Jonte “Not So Small” Hall Jumps From The Court To The Stage To Empower And Motivate People

In this episode, we talk with former Harlem Globetrotter JonteToo Tall” Hall about the incredible opportunity he got to play for the Harlem GlobeTrotters, establishing a new career as a motivational speaker, and developing a personal brand. Jonte shares the adversities he overcame to become a Globetrotter at 5’ 2”, having to leave college to help his mother, and building a new life once he left the Globetrotters


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Developing aggressive persistence: How to stay persistent when people count you out
  • Finding a new mission: How to find your next mission in your life when one door in life closes
  • Impact of Mentoring: Why you need a mentor, how to find a mentor, and make sure that person is right for you
  • Building Your Brand in Business and Life: How to define who you want to be


Podcast Stopping Points – Stage To Empower And Motivate People

[1:06] Jonte’s story of becoming a Globetrotter at 5 feet 2 inches


[3:55] The keys to Jonte’s determination


[7:00] Are you born determined or do you develop it?


[11:29] Jonte’s transition from the Globetrotters


[14:42] Discover vs Determine: How did you figure out your next mission in life?


[16:51] How did you differentiate yourself as a motivational speaker


[20:12] How has mentoring impacted your life?


[22:33] How do you find a mentor?


[24:15] Is mentoring and coaching the same thing?


[25:13] What is an important insight your mentor helped you find that you wished you knew earlier?


[26:27] What are some tips on building a personal brand?


[30:58] What to do when college doesn’t work out for you

[51:45] How do you turn public speaking into a career in this modern era of information overload?


[57:00] What is the key to breaking out of poverty?

Power Quotes

“That mental [determination] plays a major role in life.”


“Everybody goes through pit stops.”


“My life is not ‘peaches and cream’ still…”


“I gotta prove to the Universe that I’m going to be great where I am right now.”


“Put that pride to the side and get a mentor.”


“College is not going to define you as a person.”

Resources to Check Out

Jonte’s Brand website 


Other Resources

David Meltzer


David Meltzer “The Playbook” podcast

About Our Guest

Jonte “Not So Small” Hall is former Harlem Globetrotter who was recruited after playing for the Globetrotters’ rival team, the Washington Generals. Currently, he is a motivational speaker and the owner of the “Not So Small” brand.


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