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Episode 101 – We Hear You! More Real Estate Content Coming Your Way


We can’t believe it! Exactly 100 episodes behind us Dreamers! We’ve interviewed dozens of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, some of the world’s brightest minds and we’ve been impacted by their wisdom in a way or the other. Everything, everyone, every great things starts at somewhere, and honestly at first Casanova didn’t think DreamNation will come this far and grow this big. He started this podcast because he wanted to connect with people who already are there, ahead of us, who’ve done what we look forward to, who already break barriers, who already won, because that meant business coaching not just for us but for all you our dear tribe.


Now, you asked and we listened! One of the most requested topics for our podcast is about Real Estate. As you may know this topic is close to home, Casanova built one of his firsts businesses around it. In the coming episodes, we will offer more contents about Real Estate, we will talk with people who’ve built a lot of success in this field, and we will uncover more gems in how to win in it. In the coming episodes we will talk more about leveling up, not just our mindset, but also how we can level up our generational wealth and our legacy.


If you want to know a little bit more about real estate, how you make your way around it, and what we can expect in season 3 of DreamNation, listen to this episode in full.



In this episode, Casanova talks about:


  • Why Real Estate is the by-product of his mindset
  • Why he wanted to own real estate
  • What are the tax credits and tax benefits that comes with it
  • How building connections can help you get where you want to be
  • What credit truly means
  • How mindset and discipline play important role in winning in life

We Hear You! More Real Estate Content Coming Your Way


Knowledge Nuggets


In addition to talking about business, mindset, great thoughts, etc., we will add more contents about real estate and ultimately how you can live a life by your design.


[1:49] Real Estate is the by-product of what he’s trying to accomplish inn life. Casanova said that what he really aims in this life, is to be able to leave something when he’s done. That is his legacy. That includes businesses and properties to take care of those that come behind us.


[2:53] In United States, there are two types of people that run the country- those who owns businesses and who owns real estate. It’s all about assets that we have.


[4:58] Mentorship is important in real estate. And most of the people in real estate field are willing to help, as long as you value their time, and you are willing to put in the work yourself.


[8:19] It’s about who knows you. It’s not about what you have, not even entirely about who you know, but it’s about who knows you. Who can attest your credibility and your reputation. And that credibility is built by you, over time.


[11:11] Discipline will get you there, and keep you there. Discipline is getting up everyday doing what you said you’ll be doing, even if you do not feel like doing it. Discipline leads to your reputation, which leads to your credibility, which will lead you to a life by your design.


[12:53] Train your mind to see the opportunities. Is your mind trained to fear? Do you have poor mindset that passes over opportunities? Decide that today is your day. Big things was just dreams at the beginning, but they were actualize by a decision, the decision to start making that dream a reality. Dreams has to manifest in your mind first, once you conceive it, that’s when you’ll take action.



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[00:00:00] Good day family, Casanova here. And today I’m excited. We’re going to be talking about none other than Real Estate. Now you all know where we just started the season three of the Dream Nation podcast. Can you believe it? 100 episodes and people ask me like, did I think that it would get this big? And the reality of it is, is.

I didn’t. I didn’t think that, I would be able to impact the way that we have, but the reason why I wanted to do is because I saw myself as a little bit of a Robin Hood. Right. So what is, what do I mean by that? I saw that there was an opportunity that I had to be able to connect with some of the world’s brightest minds, you know, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and just people who.

Aim to be change-makers. Cause I think at the end of the day, we all get inspiration from seeing someone who’s done something that looked to be impossible. Right. I know that’s where I get a lot of my inspiration from. And so seeing people who break barriers, whether it’s in race, whether it’s in business, whether it’s in mindset, I always love.

To see people who are doing their thing. And so for me, that was something that I wanted to do. I want it to be able to connect with those types of people, One: because of course that meant that I would get business coaching. That meant that I would get knowledge from somebody who’s already been there, done that.

And Two: that meant that I would also be able to give back to my tribe, which is all of you all. So that’s the whole purpose of the Dream Nation podcast. And through these two seasons I’ve surveyed, we’ve asked our audience. What is it that you guys want to hear more about? And one of the common topics that came up and of course, it’s because, you know, I have a background in it, but was real estate and it was surprising because for me, I’ve always just looked at it as, you know, real estate is as what I’ve done, but it’s not.

Why I get up. Real estate is the byproduct of my mindset. Real estate is the byproduct of what I’m really trying to accomplish in life. And for me, that’s being able to leave something when I’m done, right? Yes. We want to leave life insurance, but I also [00:02:00] wanted to leave an actual, tangible asset. I wanted to be able to grow my legacy.

I wanted to be able to grow my, my last name rather than just my first. Right. So when I talk about legacy, I mean that if we could start businesses. I mean that if we could own property, if we could own land, who knows what the future holds for those that come behind us. And so for me, I wanted to be able to own this because I wanted my kids to be able to say like, yeah, my, that business has been in my family for 15 years and my dad started that business before he sold it off.

And then we built this business, right. Or that property, that apartment complex is we have owned that for however amount of time. And so I think that. I always wanted that. And the other reason I would say if I’m being honest is because I understood early in my business career, right. That this country, at least for the United States, it’s, it’s really primarily ran by two people, two types of people I should say.

Number one is, is business owners, right? And number two is people who own real estate, right? It’s all about the assets that you have, because if you look at taxes, we see right now, there’s a lot of big corporations that are getting a lot of loopholes in the system. Whether you talk about the PB E program or PPP, I’m sorry, the payment protection program.

Or whether you talk about any of this funding, that’s supposed to go to small-to-medium sized businesses, but goes to corporations, not to say that no small-to-medium sized business was not able to capitalize on it, but we see that there is so much opportunity out there for the person who takes the risk.

Right? So for me, I understood that I wanted to own real estate as well, because when you own real estate, essentially, you’re giving something back to the government that they need. They need housing for people. So what did they do when they allow you to build subdivisions , and a development or whatever it is.

A lot of the times there are tax credits and tax benefits that come with it. Why is because the government [00:04:00] needs help in providing, you know, suitable housing, right? The better, the housing that you can provide, the more that you’re going to get people that come in and want to live in it, and then you can get tax breaks on the front end.

Right. And you can also get tax breaks on the backend. So when you do your taxes. So when I talk about tax breaks on the front end, I’m talking about like tax incremental financing, which is like TIF funding. If you don’t know, I’d definitely encourage you to look that up. But this is where a lot of people, when they start developing neighborhoods or communities, they’re using a lot of city funding and taxpayer money, which is crazy.

Cause you’re like, wow. But then they get all of the. The back end on it. So taxpayers are, are essentially paying a little bit on the front end and then they’re also paying on the back end as well. So how do you get those loops? Right? Well, one, you got to build the right relationships, right? You’ve got to know the people who are in your city council.

You got to know the people who are in real estate and you gotta be able to have some of the mentorship of somebody who’s done it before. The beauty of it is, is most of the time in real estate, right? People are definitely willing to help, as long as they understand that you respect their time. And so for me, when I first got into real estate, I wanted to show that I could put in the work.

I wanted to show that I could go build my own relationships. And through those relationships that I built, which is maybe at ground one, that I could then be able to get more relationships, be able to get more connections. And then be able to use those connections to get to ultimately where I want it to be.

So prime example, if I, when I first got into real estate, yes. Maybe I had to build it by serving my clients, right. Helping them buy or sell or even invest. And then as I did right by them, they’re going to talk about me and become disciples for me, for my business, for the way that I do business. And then they’re going to tell their other friends and the saying goes, you know, “wealthy people know wealthy people”.

Right. It can be said for anything smart people know smart people. Now this is obviously a blanket statement. Don’t get too technical on it. But the whole purpose is to understand if you’re hanging out with the [00:06:00] doctor, most likely they know another doctor, they speak the same lingo. They understand because they have the same struggles, right?

So if you can help one and you can listen to that person and understand what their struggles are, and then you go try to fix those struggles for them. What’s going to happen. Well, you know that they’re going to tell someone else. And now when you get into that conversation with another doctor, now that doctor is going to understand that, you know, their pain points because you’ve already worked and helped someone else.

And so the same thing could be said, if you’re talking to real estate agents and then you’re going to investors, and then you’re going to developers, you’ll make your way up that ladder. But it does take work right. There was no success that was built overnight. So when people ask me about real estate, understand that it starts right.

It starts with your mindset, but then it has to go with what is your credit like? Right. Because no matter what bank it is, no matter what, at the end of the day, you will need some type of credit. And what I always tell people all the time I’ve been preaching it, credit is not most of the time when you ask people what’s credit, they talk about the monetary value.

Right. And that’s great, but credits not the monetary value credit comes from credibility. Right. And credibility is everything in this world. It’s my trust in your ability to make payments over time and on time. Right again, let me say that again. My trust in your ability to make payments over time and on time.

Right? So this could be anything, like if I let you borrow a pair of shoes, are you going to give those back at the day that you said you were going to give them back? If I let you borrow clothes, if I let you borrow a gaming system, any of that, like, what’s my trust in your ability, will you be able to repay whatever said debt is?

And so for a lot of people, they just think, Oh, like, it means that I got money. Like. No, that doesn’t mean that you’ll get money. It just means that you’re a credible person, because a lot of the times it’s not the money. That’s the best part of it. It’s the reputation that you get out of it because that reputation is going to take you so much further.

[00:08:00] Right. That was the things that I always think about. It’s not about what, you know, it’s not even about what you have and it’s not even necessarily about who, you know, although knowing people is great, right. Name drop, and it can help you in a lot of cases. But it’s more importantly about what about, who knows you, who’s willing to put their stamp of approval on your name.

You know, let’s think about it. A lot of people they’re looking to get jobs there’s uncertainty right now because of this pandemic, depending on when you’re watching or listening to this. Right. And, and rightfully so. But when you go to get a job, when you go to better your situation, whatever, and you say.

Oh man. Yeah. You know, Casanova, I know Casanova and someone says, Oh, do you? Yeah. You know, he’s a good guy. He’s always hustling. He’s always working. He’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I’ve learned so much from him. And then let’s say that person calls me up and they say, Hey, do you know? So, and so let’s just use the name, you know, Joe right now, do you know Joe?

And I’m like, yeah. I mean, I kinda know Joe, he seems like a guy. I don’t really know him like that, but he seems like a good guy. They’re like, Oh, okay. Right. And now what do you think your chances are landing that job? I mean, it’s a little bit better than if you didn’t know me at all. And I said, I didn’t know you, but it’s probably about 50 50.

They’re going to do a lot more homework on you. Would you agree? Absolutely. I’m probably going to call another reference or two, but if I say, Oh, Joe man, I’ve been knowing Joseph. He was about yea high. I tell you, Joe is the truth. If you can get Joe on your team, you got to snatch that up right away. I tried to get him a couple of times anyway.

He didn’t want to come work for me because he just feel like that wasn’t a part of his vision. But if you can get Joe on your team, man, that that’s solid right there. Now let me ask, what do you think your chances are of being hired? By you know, whoever it is said, person. There are a lot higher, right?

Because I knew you. And where did that come from? That came from your credibility. So for a lot of people, when they’re thinking about things about getting a job about [00:10:00] starting real estate or all these things, they only think of the surface level. I don’t want you to just think at the surface level. I want you to think a lot higher than that.

I want you to be thinking, you know, how can I maintain my reputation and my credibility over time? And make sure that I’m always on time, make sure that I’m always accountable. Make sure that I’m always punctual right. With what I say that I’m going to do. That’s where it comes from. That’s where the success comes from every day.

There’s going to be a grind, every day. There’s a grind in something. If there’s no grind on the physical, there’s always a grind on the mental because discipline man, that’s the hardest thing to conquer. It is everyday getting up, doing what you said you were going to do when you just don’t feel like it.

There’s no magic pill for that. It could be running. It can be not eating out. It could be going to the gym. I’m saying all these things that have to do with your health. Of course, we do know that health as wealth as well, but it can be following up on emails. It could be making sales calls, whatever it is.

It’s the discipline. The discipline will get you there. And ultimately the discipline will keep you there. Talent can get you there, but without discipline, you will never stay. We see it with the greatest of athletes. We see it with LeBron. We see it with Steph Curry. We see a with Tom Brady, we see a way it doesn’t matter who it is.

It’s that mindset that you have that every day, I don’t need to be the greatest, but I need to be a little bit better than where I was yesterday. It’s that discipline that every day I got to teach my kids something new. Every day I got my kid watching me. Right. And they want to see, how do I respond?

How do I respond in this pandemic? How do I, how am I responding? They are watching my younger brother, my younger sister, my parents. They want to see all of the. Tangible advice, all of the acumen, whether it’s business acumen or personal, Acument all of the life [00:12:00] lessons that they’ve cried to teach me, will I respond?

How will I respond? That is the discipline every single day. And it’s not easy. So be thinking about that, because that discipline will then lead to your reputation, which leads to your credibility, which leads to you, being able to do whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want. So I’m excited to be talking about Real Estate.

I’m excited to be talking about how can someone level up not only their mindset, but how can they level up their generational wealth? How can they level up their, their legacy? A lot of the times when you have assets and you have relationships combined with discipline, the opportunities will come. They come every single day.

But is your mind trained to see them, or is your mind trained to have fear? So you pass up on them. Do you have that poor mindset?: Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly? That’s what you gotta be thinking about when you make that decision, when you make that choice: “Today is my day. This week is my week.”

That’s when it all changes for me. When I lost my mom, when I lost my job, when I lost my home, I had a choice to make. My wife was now supporting me, not only financially, but she was supporting me emotionally. I had a choice to make you have a choice to make is today, your day?, I would argue to say that it is because you woke up. Jeff Bezos at one time.

Amazon was not what it is. Amazon was only a thought at one time, but he had a choice to make. Facebook was only a thought at one time, but he had a choice to make. Zoom a lot of us use Zoom. Gaming. Doesn’t matter what it is right in that book at one time, it was only a dream, but you chose to take action. That time could be today if you choose to take action.

So that’s my [00:14:00] thought of the day. I know there’s a lot in there. Of course, real estate will be at the forefront of this podcast. We’re going to talk about a lot of things. We’re going to talk about culture. We’re going to talk about mindset. We’re going to talk about real estate. We’re going to talk about business, but I’m excited to debut the real estate part because it’s not only going to be me.

It’s going to be a lot of people who have been a lot more successful than I have. There’s a lot of people who have had a similar story, even a greater, you know, come back. A minor setback is a major comeback and they’ve had that and we’re going to get the brightest minds on this real estate podcast. And it’s going to be a part of the Dream Nation segment.

I believe that everything starts with the dream doesn’t matter what it is. It has to manifest in your mind first, because once you conceive it, that’s when you’ll take action on it. And so I hope that you stay here rocking with me. That’s all we got on this episode, we will release once, maybe even twice a week, depending on the feedback that we’re getting.

So please, if you haven’t already, and you have access to iTunes, head on over and search for “Dream Nation Podcast”, or you can go to dreamnationpodcast.com, leave us a rating, a review.

That’s the way that we know if we’re giving value, we’re going to be offering so much more resources and content not only about marketing and business and how you can get your business off the ground, if you’re aspiring or new entrepreneur, but also about real estate tips of how exactly you can build your portfolio no matter where you are.

And again, I don’t claim to have all the answers. That’s why I partner with the experts. You know, people who are a lot more, savvy than I like to think I am. And we’re going to get this information together. So that’s all I got for you today. Stay rocking with me and remember in the dream we trust, but we must take action or otherwise, it’s only merely a fantasy.

I look forward to seeing you on the next one. And be tuning in every Monday and Thursday [00:16:00] to the Dream Nation podcast, where we talk about business and ultimately how you can live that life by your design. We’ll see you on the next one.




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