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DreamNation Real Estate Podcast Episode 76 – Jane Bond: The Business of Luxury Real Estate


Ever wonder how one becomes a successful agent in the luxury market? What does it take to become a real estate agent for the ultra-rich and self-made millionaires? Where can you find these high-end properties and how can you get these customers to entrust their properties to you?

For this episode, our guest Jane Bond will share with us how she paved her own way to the luxury real estate market and how you should deal with your wealthy clients to get them to work with you especially if you are an agent that’s new to the market.

Jane is the principal of The Bond Agency, which generally works for individuals in the high net worth community, which includes celebrities, entertainers, and professional athletes. Coming from different fields such as finance, entertainment, interior design, international travel, Jane is now a real estate agent based in Naples, Florida.

Here’s What You Missed

Customer service in real estate

  • “I’m the one that stands by my customer service. That’s who makes me and my team who we are.” (05:46)
  • “My job is to get the ball over the net, negotiate that deal hands down, make sure they’re happy with it, make sure they got exactly what they want, and peel everything. Peel that onion back before we even get started.” (07:13)
  • “A lot of agents out here are fearful of speaking to their customers, no matter what level they’re on, about who they are and what they want to achieve and being very straight and honest with them.” (07:31)
  • “It takes time. It takes understanding. It takes knowing who that customer is.” (45:21)
  • “If you don’t understand that we’re in a customer service business, then you’re not in the right business. Customer service means everything to these people because they can pay for it. So if you’re not going to deliver, they’re looking for the person that will deliver.” (45:29)

Agents staying on top of their clients

  • “I don’t work for you. I work with you. We’re partners on this deal. My job is to get this. You hire me for a reason, and that reason is to close the deal.” (08:33)
  • “The agent should control the transaction because they’re the ones that’s going to get the ball over the net for you. As long as you’re happy with the number, we’ll take care of the rest.” (10:09)

Dealing with ultra wealthy customers

  • “…when you deal with a high level or ultra wealthy customer, you have to meet them there. And if you can’t meet them there, you’re going to have problems from the start because you’re being judged from the day or the moment you step into their lives.” (11:03)
  • “You better know what you’re doing. You better know what you’re talking about.” (11:18)
  • “I always tell agents, when you show up, you have to show up properly.” (44:41)

Getting in the luxury real estate market

  • “…when they talk about breaking into the luxury market, it’s not something you break into. You grow into that because if you don’t know that type of client, you don’t have that circle.” (12:20)
  • “No one gave me a position. I created this position.” (12:38)
  • “Agents, start where you are and you’re going to, you can’t do anything but grow.” (24:40)
  • “I tell agents too, don’t break the bank trying to be who you’re not or what you can’t afford. The basics work. Just put the basics together the right way.” (47:35)

Responsibilities of agents in the market

  • “I always share with agents you have to be enthusiastic about selling your property.” – Jane (17:02)
  • “All of these things matter because as a listing agent, you become a marketeer. You have to be able to market their property.” (21:30)
  • “I feel like as a listing agent, we’re the hunters we go out there and we pumped.” (23:54)
  • “You need to be able to pivot or shift when you have certain customers in your company and you need to know that you’ve got to close the deal no matter what.” (54:28)

Create wealth through real estate

  • “Once you’re engrossed in this business and you know what you’re doing, and you’re making money, it’s time for you to turn the tables and start buying the real estate for yourself to create generational wealth.” (53:03)
  • “Hopefully if you have family, you’re having that conversation on financial literacy and really understanding what it means to build wealth.” (53:16)
  • “I only know pretty much one way to build wealth and that’s definitely real estate.” (53:27)

 Just Do It

  • “You got to believe in yourself. You got to know that you can do this. You got to step out there into the fire. Because if not, how will you know? Those are the regrets. If you want to do something, do it.” (58:40)
  • “Anything I ever thought I wanted to do, I did. If it didn’t happen, I did the next thing that I wanted to do.” (59:13)
  • “The only person that can make this happen for you is you.” (01:00:11)
  • “It’s all about being proactive to what you want in your life and just keep moving forward and making sure you can do this.” (01:00:24)
  • “You gotta be strong enough to knock that doubt off your shoulder and just do it.” (01:00:44)

Quotes and Advice from our guest:

  • “Time is of the essence for some people.” – Jane (22:43)
  • “Luxury comes at all different levels. Luxury is an experience.” – Jane (23:06)
  • “I always say something is better than nothing.” – Jane (28:55)
  • “Today people think we have a housing crisis. No, we have a health crisis.” – Jane (33:13)
  • “…luxury is about the experience you give to people.” – Jane (46:47)
  • “Your confidence grows as you experience things in life.” – Jane (51:12)
  • “The best thing about this business is to grow into it because once you grow into it and nobody can take it away from you, nobody can tell you you don’t know your business.” – Jane (57:30)

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