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Dreamnation Episode 214 – Rha Goddess: Find Your Calling and Get Paid

Throughout our lives, we will always face a decision to choose, no matter how mundane or difficult that choice is. Left or right? Tea or coffee? Make friends or not? Be employed or start a business? And probably one of the most difficult decisions you need to face is whether you’ll choose passion or profit? Do you pursue what you love or pursue a job that helps you earn more even if you’re unhappy? It’s difficult when you only have two options, but what if we tell you that you can pursue your passion and earn profit at the same time? Will you go for it if you don’t need to choose between the two and stay true to yourself?

Our guest for this podcast episode can help you, and everyone else gets to the decision you want. Listen to Rha Goddess of Move the Crowd as she helps you stay true to who you are and what you want to go for, without sacrificing yourself. In this episode, you will know how to pursue your actual purpose or calling and still get paid while doing it.

Rha Goddess is an entrepreneurial soul coach, author, and Founder of Move the Crowd. This movement helps people find their true calling, use their full talent and potential to stay true, get paid, and do good.

Here’s what you missed:

A very rich inner world

  • “You know, I think I always had this very rich, inner world as a young girl.” (04:09)
  • “And I think I always had this very shy. Side to me because I did enjoy being by myself.” (04:36)
  • “And so I became this sponge, I think, at a very young age. And that lent itself to, I think this more quiet side, I had a more boisterous side, but it was. Um, it had to have a purpose or reason…” (05:45)

Saturn’s Return

  • “…you know, it, it began for me, I think in terms of really crystallizing. In my early twenties… And so my sense of purpose and calling. From the perspective of wanting people to be free from the perspective of justice, inequality came very at a very, very young age… where your life sort of gets throwing on, on health.” (07:20)
  • “And then you start asking these very big questions about who you are and what really matters. And for me, It began with death, the death of my mother at 26.” (08:36)
  • ” And so I think it was her passing. At 26 and which was the sort of the beginning of my Saturn’s return and then losing five other people in a period of five months were very, very close to me.” (09:40)

Thinking bigger

  • “That was always a part of just. My growing up in my upbringing was what I’m surrounded by, but the idea of potentially envisioning bigger thinking bigger.” (10:18)
  • “And then at some point I went back to sleep. Um, and I think that because sometimes it happens. W with all of us, you know, if you live long enough, you’re going to have seasons and reasons and stages and phases of an evolution in your calling and your purpose. ” (10:45)
  • ” And I think we all on some level go through that, you know, and, and this is the place where mentors make a difference. This is the place where coaches make a difference. This is the place where advisors, whether they’re formal or informal, make a difference.” (11:54)

It comes as a feeling

  • “…sometimes when your purpose comes the first time, I think it comes as a feeling.” (12:44)
  • “But sometimes it takes a while before the actual language were common.” (13:10)
  • “…and I stand there and then I slowly start to feel this energy, almost like a cloak.
  • Come back up and rise up through the top of my head. And then of course afterwards I’m freaking out, but in the aftermath and all of the flashbacks, I kept hearing the message, you know, and that, that I’m here to do something.” (15:24)

Give room to let the gift breathe

  • “Cause some of us ask, you know, do I have to hit rock bottom right before I make the term? And the answer is we don’t have to. Right. Right. And at the same time, there is a wisdom in our journey that we can’t always understand or see when we’re in the middle of it. It’s only when we can reflect back…” (18:31)
  • “…and so we know if we can remember that it often makes sense when we’re looking at it in our rear view mirror. Hmm, but sometimes it doesn’t make sense when we’re in the middle of it. (19:06)
  • “Every single moment of every single day you are being communicated with, by whatever you want to call it, God source, creator, the universe love whatever, you know, you choose to call that energy, that higher wisdom of which you are a part of you’re always being communicated with. And so the more that we can create space for it.” (19:44)
  • ” So you have to give room to let the gift breathe. ” (21:13)
  • “And when the idea can’t stand up to that kind of scrutiny and that kind of pressure, we abandoned. Right. And so we have to be willing to be in a process” (21:31)
  • “And so each of us has to feel into. Where are we in the journey and what is the best next step for each of us based upon where we are.” (22:05)
  • “And you need to create a space or an opportunity or environment where you can be supported, where you can be encouraged, where you can be cheered for and rooted for” (22:55)

Listen to yourself

  • “I would say to you pay attention to the things that you’re passionate about. Pay attention to the things that are effortless for you.” (24:42)
  • “These are all of the clues that I say the breadcrumbs, right. That often lead to your purpose. ” (25:13)
  • ” If you stay with those impulses, you start to learn how to be in conversation, dialogue with yourself in a way where you’re listening for what’s pulling what’s tugging, what’s nagging.
  • Then the big C will, will show itself.” (25:39)
  • “So my first coaching always to you all is begin to listen to yourself. Start to take your ideas.” (27:02)

Take one step at a time

  • “when we do something naturally, I think when we do something, we want to have a major impact in the world on it.” (28:17)
  • “And I think there is a way that we dismiss the small and the truth of the matter. Is that anything great that has ever been built has been built one brick one step, one moment, one day at a time.” (28:58)

You are your biggest asset

  • “And so that can, as much as it can inspire us, it can also demoralize us. And so we, we have to learn a particular kind of patience. We have to learn a particular kind of self-love and self-reverence.” (30:07)
  • “Your get paid is an extension of your love. It’s an extension to the degree, to which you are willing to love others through the gifts that you give to the world. And it is the extension to which you are willing to receive love in the form of compensation, whether that’s acknowledgement, praise, financial, right, uh, accolades. ” (30:36)
  • “Because if you want to know where your money is, that’s where your money is and the more that we can open up and the more that we can honor. What wants to come through us.” (32:05)
  • “The more we begin to magnetize when we aligned with the thing that is ours, to bring nothing, nothing can stop us. ” (32:28)
  • “…somebody already getting paid for whatever that thing is. Right. You just got to figure out how can you be a little bit more unique and how can you love on the audience a little bit more.
  • And I would say the do not underestimate that you are the biggest asset you have. ” (33:45)

The thing that drives you

  • “…but who are you as a soul? What were you bought? What were you brought here to do? Let’s get grounded and clear about that. And then we can bring the strategy, the marketing and the branding.” (34:38)
  • “So that when it reaches the people who you are meant to reach, it has such a purity and such an integrity that it becomes irresistible and it becomes undeniable because it’s you.” (35:20)
  • ” if I’m able to, through my efforts of being of service to you, contribute to your success than I am by direct result successful” (39:23)
  • “…if we come back to this idea of profitability if you allow yourself to be led by love if you become adamant about advancing.
  • And being willing to advance the lives of those you serve in whatever capacity that you serve them, you will prosper. ” (39:37)

Understand the laws of nature

  • “…for me, the game-changer. Was understanding the laws of nature. And understanding the principles of the universe.” (41:08)
  • “It was the law of vibration, which many of you know is the law of attraction or the law of pure potentiality” (41:47)
  • “…this idea that I could create. My reality that I could have, that I had, that co-creative power that I didn’t have to be at the mercy of my circumstances.
  • That by far was what cut the lights on in my reality. ” (42:09)

Take your terror with you

  • “I think the most important thing for each of us to recognize and understand is that the things that we’ve won are not as far from us as we think they are… But if we got on the path and started walking, it would start walking towards us to whatever you seek is seeking you.” (44:30)
  • “it doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to believe at all. It’s your willingness to say today, I’m going to take one step and I’m going to take my terror with me.” (45:45)
  • “At some point, you’ll decide when you want to put them down, but for right now, I don’t care. Take it all with you. Move. Be willing to move in. Honor of you. They willing to move. ” (46:07)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “There but for the grace of God go, I, so you never looked down your nose at anybody” – Rha, (09:24)
  • “I knew the world of motivational speaking, but it didn’t feel like. That was my work. That makes sense. Um, at the time. And so I was like, okay, I hear you God, but I have no idea how to do what you’re asking me to do. And I just kept doing what I had been doing.” – Rha, (13:33)
  • “…who knows what’s good or what’s bad.” – Casanova, (17:35)
  • “…promises that we make to other people often we will keep them quicker than the promises that we make to ourselves” – Rha, (23:16)
  • “The get paid comes from a willingness to honor what it is that you are here to uniquely bring.” – Rha, (24:26)
  • “…when we do something naturally, I think when we do something, we want to have a major impact in the world on it” – Casanova, (28:17)
  • It is the small, that becomes a great, and it is the few that become many”. – Lao Tzu, (28:52)
  • “Somebody’s got to be an innovator. Somebody has got to buck the system or the trend.” – Casanova, (43:45)

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