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DreamNation Real Estate Episode 49 – Anthony Faso and Cameron Christiansen: Investing Through Infinite Banking

It’s so great to have the opportunity to learn new things every day, especially if it’s from people who know what they are talking about very well. So if you haven’t heard of Infinite Banking yet and you’re curious about it, it’s time to finally get to familiarize yourself with it.

Tune in to our episode for today with the founders of Infinite Wealth Consultant, Anthony Faso and Cameron Christiansen, as they uncover the things we need to know about Infinite Banking, including the product, the concept, the process, and how to buy real estate using this strategy.

Anthony is a proud U.S. Army veteran who often describes himself as a “recovering” CPA. He has worked at the world’s largest accounting firm and served as CFO of a chain of restaurants. Cameron, on the other hand, has been a small business owner for 8 years before he grew frustrated with investment solutions proposed by traditional financial advisors. Along with their current brand, they are also hosting their own podcast called the Infinite Wealth Podcast.

Here’s What You Missed

Understanding the Infinite Banking concept

  • “All we’re doing is we’re using a financial tool that will allow us that if we put our money through that first and then buy real estate, we’re going to get some extra benefits.” – Anthony (14:29)
  • “If you use the infinite banking concept, you still buy that real estate by running it through your cash management tool.” (14:53)
  • “We need to learn how to treat money and with what? Using infinite banking, particularly for real estate. Just allows you to compound your returns and we’re actually creating some tax deductions.” – Anthony (15:28)

The product and process of Infinite Banking

  • “What are we going to be using? Where are we going to keep your money? And where do we use it as we put it into a properly structured, a dividend-paying whole life insurance product?” – Cameron (16:04)
  • “So what you’re doing is essentially you’re creating a cash account that’s going to earn you. It’s going to pay you maybe 4 or 5% annually each year.” (16:44)
  • “We’ve got the product. We’re going to put our money in there. We retain access to. But when we take a loan against our cash value, we’re going to go buy an asset that provides cashflow.” – Cameron (17:29)

Saving money through Infinite Banking

  • “First, the money has to be liquid. So when an opportunity comes, we have easy access to it without penalty. It needs to grow at least more than inflation if we’re just looking at it. But also, we want this to be protected.” – Anthony (19:49)
  • “It’s not designed for death benefit. It is designed for cash value and also the design is important. But what’s also important is somebody to teach you how to use it.” – Anthony (20:37)

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Buying real estate through the Infinite Banking strategy

  • “Number one is when you’re talking about the market, real estate market, there’s a difference between somebody’s personal residence and then kind of investment properties.” – Cameron (28:19)
  • “…there are right now there’s more money than there are deals. Interest rates are low. Inventory is extremely low. That pendulum is gonna swing.” – Cameron (28:39)

On the next possible market crash

“We have no idea what’s going to happen, but my personal opinion would be in the real estate market is that I mean, you see interest rates so low and they’re pumping money into the market that I think the demand is going to continue for a couple of years.” – Cameron (29:31)

“I think one thing that definitely helped the increase in housing is the lowest interest rates.” – Anthony (31:10)

“So I think there’s some artificial inflation on the housing market and when rates go up, the inverse is going to happen.” – Anthony (31:44)

Buying real estate on appreciation

  • “…let’s focus on cashflow. Let’s make sure that this property cash flows every month.” – Anthony (32:48)
  • “So even though it’s cash flowing and maybe the value going down. But unless you’re selling, it doesn’t matter. And each month, that tenant is paying down your mortgage. So just hold it out. Enjoy that cashflow.” – Anthony (33:03)

Achieving your goals and dreams

  • “Life isn’t meant to be easy and that these challenges are only making you better.” – Cameron (40:32)
  • “There’s a bunch of people who didn’t have money or had difficult times or abused or their parents or whatever, but if they can overcome that, there’s no reason why you can’t.” – Anthony (41:38)

Dream Nation Real Estate Podcast

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “To me, the most important thing I think would be going after creating that passive income. Then once you’re there, if you can incorporate the infinite banking with your real estate investing, you will be able to choose your goal as faster and with less time and pay lessened tax.” – Anthony (12:50)
  • “The sky’s the limit as far as kind of performance and the additional money that you can have at the end of the day if you add just that one extra step.” – Cameron (18:01)
  • “Real estate is an amazing asset, particularly from a tax point of view.” – Anthony (32:33)
  • “I think as a business owner, to have somebody else come in, that’s kind of what that is, where you want to be and to aid, to give you advice, but also give you some of those corrections or criticism or critiques along the way.” – Cameron (35:39)
  • “The more people that you have around you that are smarter than you, that are continuously challenging you, I think that’s the way that we all grow at the end of the day.” – Casanova (36:08)

Investing Through Infinite Banking

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