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DreamNation Real Estate Episode 44 – Ivan Estrada: The Formula to a Successful Real Estate Agent

There are times when people around you will have different opinions on the things you want to achieve, especially if it’s further away from what you’re supposed to like. But as long as you have your own standpoint and you follow your heart, you’ll definitely get through it.

Join us as we uncover Ivan Estrada’s journey to becoming a successful real estate agent in today’s episode. Come to know how you can build yourself, your career and your legacy all at the same time through real estate.

Ivan is a broker associate, CPA, and speaker who left an established accounting career to follow his dream and build a business from his passion. He has been featured on several national TV shows such HGTV and Bravo, and he was also named one of the Top 30 Under 30 in real estate.

Here’s What You Missed

How to jumpstart your business

  • “So the thing that I think that I did the first six months was really helped a lot was I figured out, okay, what are my strong suits? Like, you always have to figure out who your tribe is.” (13:00)
  • “So I think for someone who’s starting off is figuring out, what do you enjoy doing?” – (15:26)

Getting comfortable with filming

  • “It’s practice. It’s doing it as many times as you can. It’s allowing yourself to make mistakes. It’s not being so hard on yourself.” (20:27)
  • “Everyone else is going to have their own opinion about either what you’re saying or how you look or how you’re presenting it. It’s like as long as you’re good with you.” (21:03)
  • “It’s like, you have to do it because if not, you’re going to become irrelevant and you’re going to become extinct in this business.” (21:21)

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Adding bodies to your team

  • “So it was hard for me to do it, but I think that in the last couple of years, I really learned what I need for my team, what I don’t need.” (23:57)
  • “So you can encourage them and motivate them. Even though you have all of that, I think you actually have to do it and allow yourself to make a mistake.” (24:27)

On becoming a successful agent

  • “So I think first and foremost is you have to love this business.” (28:34)
  • “The question that I’ve had to ask people, especially this is something that I asked the two agents that I interviewed, which was the last question, and I said, if this doesn’t work out, what’s your backup plan?” (28:54)
  • “You have to be systematic and dedicated to your job.” (29:59)
  • “So just staying and being true to your word and I think that’s one of the biggest ingredients in success in this business.” (30:51)

Real estate practice as a business

  • “You see agents run as agents, but not as business people. At the end of the day, yeah, we’re in sales, but then we’re also in marketing or an advertising or in accounting.” (31:35)
  • “’Cause, it’s the mindset of like, yeah, I am a business owner. I am an entrepreneur. I do have to run a profit and loss statement every month. I have key performance indicators that I run every month as well.” (32:06)
  • “I have to make sure and keep an eye on it because if something’s not working either I have to get rid of it or I have to make it better or I have to replace it with something else.” (32:29)

Building a legacy through real estate

  • “So I feel like that’s going to be my purpose, is to really help these kids. I wish there was someone when I was 10 or 11 years old, who could come to my class and say, hey, my name is so-and-so. This is who I am. This is what I’ve done. This is who I used to be. This is where I used to grow up, to see that opportunity.” (35:54)
  • “So I think that that’s what my legacy is going to be is, setting an example and helping out these kids who probably, you know, again, they’re only being exposed to what they’re being exposed to. And I kind of want to break that mentality. It’s all a mentality thing.” (36:33)

Establishing a solid foundation for yourself

  • “I think the person that I’d become because of the challenges that I’ve had personally, in business, with my family, other situational things, health things that I had to go through, they built me into I am now.” (38:10)
  • “I embrace the falls and I embrace the successes and I think those are all the ingredients that created Ivan Estrada.” (38:42)
  • “Well, first of all, you have to just really seek within and listen and do you do what you think is best for you.” (40:14)
  • “So I followed my heart. I followed my passion. I knew that this was going to create the life and the dream that I wanted.” (40:36)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “It’s just always wanting to make the world a better place, make a better place for myself, for my family, and just try to be an example to not just my community, but I just think humanity in general.” – Ivan (04:03)
  • “You’ve gotta be book-smart and street-savvy and combine that together to really kind of build a business that’s successful that people trust and something that you love.” – Ivan (07:27)
  • “You have to do it.” – Tom Ferry (21:18)
  • “I made some mistakes along the way, which every mistake that I made was my mistake. But I think that’s how you learn.” – Ivan (24:09)
  • “Sometimes you just have to take one step back and collect yourself and then launch yourself. “ – Ivan (25:50)
  • “I don’t think things happen to us, they happen for us so that we can figure out who we really are.” – Ivan (38:04)
  • “Most of the time, people were just trying to get through life.” – Jim Rohn (38:56)
  • “You got to embrace everything because joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain.” – Casanova (39:11)
  • “I think we get confused once we start asking other people for their opinions.
  • So just follow your heart, all your gut, all your instinct, and then take action with no fear.” – Ivan (40:50)

The Formula to a Successful Real Estate Agent

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