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DreamNation Episode 175 – Lashana West: Operate in Your Zone of Genius

Most of the time, we don’t always think we’re born to be creative, confident enough, or worthy enough to succeed. And sometimes, this mindset keeps us from accomplishing our goals and believing that we’re capable of doing things. It’s not because we’re not born to succeed, but it’s just because we haven’t unlocked our full potential yet and too stressed with the “what-ifs” of our lives.

As our guest speaker for this episode said, “The world has been waiting for your gifts, but most importantly, you have been waiting!”. So let Lashana West, a mindset and clarity strategist will help you breakthrough any mindset barriers, learn how to monetize your gift, and operate in your zone of genius.

Lashana West is the founder of Ms. West Creative Coaching & Consulting and has experience in the mental health field for 18 years and has helped entrepreneurs unlock their gifts, build confidence and learn business acumen.

Here’s what you missed:

What you see may not be what it seems

  • “I think our head is in the weeds so much that we forget about who that inside person is.” (3:10)
  • “…So they can also leverage what has happened to them in the past and use it as a strength so they can go forward” (03:46)
  • “…it’s almost like instead of rags to riches, it’s more so riches to rags.” (04:41)
  • ” And the reason why I share that is because no one really knows what a person’s going through or what they are, um, dealing with at home.” (06:30)
  • ” The moments that you’re vulnerable, and you no longer look like, like you have it all figured out, or you have this success is when those people come out of the woodworks and they say, Hey, I appreciate you sharing your story.” (07:45)

The biggest eye-opener

  • “I didn’t know that you could take the skills, the gifts and everything of who you are and authentically monetize it and help people at the same time.” (8:50)
  • ” And I moved to Atlanta and I saw people flying and soaring in their gifts, making their own schedule, making their own Mark trailblazing, setting their own prices.” (09:11)

Monetizing your gift

  • “A lot of people right now, they feel like they have a gift…they know that they have something inside of them that drives the passion, but they don’t necessarily know how to monetize it.” (09:46)
  • ” But when you are intentional and you can actually label it and you can actually strategically communicate it, that’s when you can monetize it.” (10:41)
  • “…growing up, having to adapt, having to think quickly, having to just make it work, that’s all been threaded into my mindset in my capacity to work.” (11:40)

How much should you charge?

  • “…your next step is to do some research or your next step is to do it for free to get practice.” (12:19)
  • “It’s really about you getting your feet wet. The three T method, try testing, tweak. Until you’re comfortable to charge.” (12:38)
  • “You can go to any kind of pricing strategists that you would like, but the person who is really ready to commit will pay anything for the transformation.” (13:07)
  • “They can think back to this. And then they think back to the three T’s and they just maybe start out for free and they build off of it” (14:29)

Coaching clarity

  • “…we say a lot, but what we’re not saying, that’s truly where the magic happens.” (15:35)
  • “So someone may say, I don’t want to coach, I don’t want to coach, but I’m seeing them coaching indirectly.” (15:58)
  • “…it’s just a whole manifestation of me listening, pulling out who they are, who they are and what they truly want.” (16:54)
  • “it’s just a whole manifestation of me listening, pulling out who they are, who they are and what they truly want. ” (16:54)

How to be a good coach

  • “When you’re a consultant, Uh, what I learned was you tell people what has worked for you, and then they implement it to hopefully get the same result. When you’re a coach. What I’ve learned is that a lot of the times you’re not telling someone what to do. You’re asking them questions to get them the answer that they already know inside of them.” (17:25)
  • ” All you really have to do is be a great conversationalist, which you just said. Ask them the right questions do more listening rather than talking.” (18:11)

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The role of the environment to your success

  • “So the new environments have definitely been an attribute or, um, helped me to really thrive.” (20:30)
  • ” So that being, not ripped, but uprooted and into another area and just jumping right in new class, new teacher.” (20:50)
  • “What I would say is for the parents to be conscientious of the transitions and making sure that they’re providing full support, full communication, being intentional on what is the child doing in those different environments, so they have some kind of the ability, but every child, every person’s different.” (21:59)
  • ” Cause some of us, depending on our mindset and depending on our, uh, disposition, I can easily look at this as a detriment.

Accountability on demand

  • “And in order for us to serve or provide services, there has to be some other kind of shared accountability in regards to the service as well.” (27:59)
  • “…when people join the coaching program, they just merely thrive because of the atmosphere. Because of my personality, very quirky, um, direct, passionate, but also a balance of relate-ability and accountability. Those are the kinds of people that resonate with me.” (28:48)
  • “…you can start out wide and as you cast that wide net, you’re going to find there’s going to be a couple people that raised their hand” (30:42)

What could you have done sooner?

  • ” I just trailblaze really quickly, but just imagine if I would’ve did this five years ago. Yeah. Just a metaphor to did it 10 years ago.” (32:28)
  • “…every single step, every action, every conversation is a domino effect for the next.” (32:57)
  • “…every single thing is crafted due to the thing before it.” (33:08)
  • “That they’re like, if they would have done that sooner, it would have accelerated their path and becoming an entrepreneur is what you said” (33:49)

Imposing on imposter syndrome

  • ” And we can call it whatever we want. I mean, that’s just the label, but bottom line, it’s lack of confidence, not believing in yourself.” (37:08)
  • “But if we continue to just have it in our head and we’re not really activating it, we’re going to continue to second guess and continue to be in the path of unknown, which causes heartache. And heartache is something that stays with you.” (37:47)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest

  • “With support, I feel that we can get through anything in our lives.” – Lashana, (03:58)
  • “I would do it all over again the same way, because I wouldn’t have the fire, the grit, the determination, the resiliency, or the relate ability that I have right now If it wasn’t for the journey that I’ve already experienced.” – Lashana, (06:58)
  • “…vulnerability is the new, true success in life.” – Casanova, (07:34)
  • “I didn’t come from a loving father; a loving father must come from me.” – Casanova, (23:18)
  • “I’m really big on being able to adjust and adapt because that’s what life is tomorrow.” – Lashana, (26:04)
  • “You must be ambitious. You must be ready to rock and roll.” – Lashana, (30:18)
  • “There’s no right or wrong way to do anything. We do the best with what we have, what we can make do.” – Casanova, (26:54)

Lashana West: Operate in Your Zone of Genius



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