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DreamNation Real Estate 25 – Brian Adamson: How To Flip Homes Remotely

Coronavirus has gotten a lot of people to think that it is better to be their own boss. So, people started to invest on things with great value, for example, real estate, which could guarantee them something big in return. But let’s face it—getting into real estate has never been easy, not to mention the growing number of competitors that enter the scene every year.

So, what should we do to get ahead of our competitors and succeed? In today’s podcast, Mr. Brian Adamson will teach us the basic principles of flipping houses. He will share to us the most effective tips, tricks, and dos and don’ts in this industry.

Like most of us, Brian started from scratch. Nothing. He grew up in a normal family and had a roller-coaster-like ride in life as he got into troubles as a teenager and started a family of his own. But he welcomed God’s presence in his life and started to do things right—he went back to school and completed his college degree. Things then started looking great for Brian and his family. Little did he know that something big was coming his way, and that was when he was introduced to real estate investing. To this day, Brian has been sharing the same opportunity that he got through his online platforms. So, sit back, dig in, and take down notes as Brian tells us his amazing zero-to-hero story.

Here’s what you missed:

  • Leaning to God and trusting His ways
  • Why ignorance is expensive and why we can’t afford it
  • How Real Estate is a contact sport
  • How to analyze markets
  • Why having a second stream of income is not a luxury

Brian Adamson: How To Flip Homes Remotely?


(1:55) Brian shares his story when he was young

(2:28) He talks about how he found his turning point

(3:02) When he first got introduced to real estate investing

(8:15) How his business is going strong despite some downfalls

(14:28) He shares how they help aspiring real estate entrepreneurs

(15:43) Talks about the website, bestplaces.net

(18:16) Steps to bear in mind when flipping house

(20:47) How realtors are the ‘dinosaurs of the business’

(24:39) How to look for a potential buyer and land on your first sale

(29:31) Don’t be contented with having just one stream of income

(36:50) The importance of passing on knowledge to your kids instead of tangible things

(40:24) Don’t hold on to relationships that have expired already



(5:30) The yardstick by which we measure our success is typically that of the environment that we’re confined to

(10:08) When you’re convinced about what you want out of life, you find a way

(20:49) Realtors are starting to become the ‘dinosaur of our business’

(25:19) You gotta put yourself out there, immerse yourself in those communities and start aligning yourself with other like-minded individuals

(32:05) Having a second stream of income is not a luxury

(33:17) Focus not only on active, but passive income as well.

(40:16) God uses people in your life for seasons, reasons, and lifetimes

(41:19) I wish I would’ve cut ties sooner.

(44:01) Faith is not the absence of fear. It’s the presence of God.


Islip University: https://www.iflip.university/optin34888585

BBR Education Group: https://www.bbrinvestmentgroup.com/

Brian Adamson Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brian_adamson1/




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