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DreamNation 157 – George Pitts: How To Monetize Anything

When was the last time you felt afraid to fail? To be rejected? To take risks? Well, these are just some of the things that prevent us from stepping out of our comfort zone. That’s why for today’s podcast, we get to listen to Mr. George Pitts, a man who seized opportunities and made them his own, as he tells us how to overcome these fears and how to make our own version of success.

He is going to help us unveil the hidden skills that we never knew we had and use these to start anew. We will soon learn how to use these skills in helping others to be resourceful and gain something in return.

From a young age, George already knew the struggles of life. Being raised by his grandparents and living together with his sister and older cousins has taught him how hard it is to support a family financially. So, at a young age, he started his own ‘business’ cutting grass and eventually had his friends work for him using their own lawnmowers.

This mindset has what helped George become who and what he is today. Despite the difficulties he and his wife experienced while they were still in the first phase of their marriage, he did not let any fear control him but started to look for ways to push through obstacles. In the end, he found the path that led him to digital marketing. Now, George has different platforms where people can reach him and avail the courses that he offers.


(1:38) George talks about his childhood and how he had the mindset of an entrepreneur.

(6:19) Talks about working at a business office of a hotel chain and how he lost his job.

(10:35) Talks about how this sudden loss of job became a challenge to him and to his wife.

(12:10) He finally lands on two work-from-home jobs.

(13:15) Talks about how he came upon digital marketing and how his journey has begun on making websites.

(16:27) Tips on how to get people to avail the services that you offer

(19:53) George’s turning point: People asking him to create their websites for them

(22:19) Steps on how to monetize the information that you have

(30:16) The importance of having a specific group of people in mind when making content

George Pitts: How To Monetize Anything?



Here’s what you missed:

  • How to start something from scratch
  • How to have an optimistic view of something that you haven’t tried before
  • How to accelerate your path and figure out how to monetize your information
  • What is your ‘why’?
  • Pressure busts pipes, but also creates diamonds. Are you a busted pipe or a diamond?


Quotes/Advices from George Pitts

(11:53) And I got online. I just started looking. Do you ever look for a job during the holidays? So I started researching, I joined these forums, and I ended up finding out about how you can get work-from-home jobs to handle new customer service with people.

(13:13) – I learned about internet marketing. And this guy was selling a course for 500 bucks teaching you how to build WordPress websites and do search engine optimization for businesses.

(13:45) I started learning about stocks and other things and it just kept evolving into this. You just got to start something.

(14:21) – There’s a lot of pressure on me, but here’s one thing that we know and something that we can all agree on: Pressure does bust pipes, but it also creates diamonds.

(14:41) You got to ask yourself: Am I a diamond or am I a busted pipe? We gotta figure out how to get you out of that mindset first and foremost, which is the root of it all.

(20:10) I was making way more money doing websites and that wasn’t my job, but it has taken all of my time. So, what I did was I learned about outsourcing.

(22:34)  If you walk into Walmart, it has tons of things to offer but if you walk into a shoe store, they just have shoes to offer. So, you just got to figure out what people want from you.

(24:05) People wanted to pay me to teach them. But instead of just taking their money, I ended up hiring someone who was a sales coach to teach me how to be a coach, because I didn’t know how to do it.

(30:42) – When you’re teaching or when you’re writing, always think of examples that are real that people can get with. Make it relatable, and then you just build your content around that.

(31:09) – Not everybody’s supposed to want what you do. But you need to know who would want it. You need to know what their ‘why’ is.

(32:04) I already had in my mind who my content is for. They attract to it like a magnet.

(35:38) So we just gotta learn how to become the Moses of this journey to take people from Egypt to the Land of Milk and Honey.

(47:47) You gotta silence that inner critic and you gotta take action because if you don’t take action on it, that dream will only be a fantasy.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrGeorgePitts

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrgeorgepitts/

Website: https://mrgeorgepitts.com/

Pscp.tv: https://www.pscp.tv/MrGeorgePitts/1RDGlPBNDprGL

Wealth Streams Academy: https://georgepitts.thinkific.com/

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