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DreamNation Episode 199 – Casanova Brooks: How to Build Relationships for Success In Business and Life

You’ve witnessed success stories and you’ve met probably met a lot of successful people, friends, or family. When you see them, do you ask yourself why are they successful in life and business even if you think they don’t look like they’re talented or skilled enough to be one? What exactly do they do to become successful?

Hey now, don’t think this is envy kicking in, but asking these questions shows your admiration for the successful people you’ve met and you can grab the blossoming opportunity to achieve the same success as theirs. However, what these successful people do is actually building the right and meaningful relationships to help boost their success. Do you have those relationships to help you too?

Listen to Casanova today on how you can get the clarity and determine the strategic steps on how you can be successful in business and in life through the help of powerful relationships.

Here’s what you missed:

The common denominator to success

  • “So when I first got started selling cars, I had to figure out what was going to be my unfair advantage. What could I bring to the table so I can be successful right away… And I’ll tell you where it starts at is relationships.” (01:35)
  • “Of course I was successful in just about everything that I did when I put my mind to it. But what was the common denominator?” (02:02)
  • “With a lot of people, it’s the power to build relationships. Relationships are everything.” (02:17)

Sprint, maintain, go faster

  • “If you have the right relationships, you can conquer anything that you want” (02:55)
  • “And I remember when my high school track days, my coach would always tell me sprint, maintain. Go faster. ” (03:01)
  • “When you think of it as a funnel, when you sprint, everybody gets out of the gates as fast as they can, but then as you’re running, some people start to fall off. Right, but you have to continue to maintain. And then, in the end, you see that only one person wins and then the other people are lagging behind. Sometimes it’s a close race.” (03:22)

There’s no growth without change

  • “Who are the contacts that I can make because somebody already has my audience. Somebody already has the people that I’m trying to surround myself with and their circle. ” (04:51)
  • “You’re going to find a lot of people in life as you’ve maintained those friendships and those relationships, they don’t want to go further. ” (06:48)
  • “So you have to understand that not everybody’s going to be on that path. And while you’re maintaining, there’s a lot of love there, but there’s not a lot of growth there.” (07:38)
  • ” Or if those like that, we’re very frustrated because our circle, our environment of which we knew is not as supportive as we would have hoped.” (08:15)
  • “The reality of it is, is you got to work on changing yourself. You got to work on you and then just hope and pray that they’ll come along.” (08:33)

Going back to your community

  • “And so what does that look like going faster? This requires for you to go to another level, but it also requires for you to get a little bit of a new circle. ” (08:57)
  • “Now you can start to communicate with those people and then you can start to build relationships. And now you got somebody else that’s going to hold you accountable. You got somebody else that’s going to push you.” (10:02)
  • “You’re going to come back to your community. Everything that you’re learning at conferences, everything you’re learning at networking events.
  • Now you can bring that back to your circle. You can empower them, you can encourage them” (11:08)

 Quotes and Advice from our host:


  • “There is no growth without change and there’s no change without pain or some type of loss.” (07:52)
  • “That looks like you’re leaving other people behind, but you can’t be afraid of that because that means that for you, you’re getting that much closer to your finish line” (11:30)
  • “…your network is your net worth.” (12:29)




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