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DreamNation Episode 198 – Casanova Brooks: How to Overcome Fear and Rejection

Many people don’t succeed to the level that they could in life because of their fear of failure and rejection. It’s an innate thing to feel the fear of failure and rejection, especially when we’re at the starting point of a goal or a dream. Whether you’re starting a business, you’re pursuing a new passion, a new career, that fear may be an automatic feeling. There’s a little voice in your head that tells you that you are not enough, you are not capable of achieving great things, that you won’t make it, and it tends to voice out louder and becomes the fear that stops you completely.

But the great thing about acknowledging your fear of failure and rejection is, you can overcome it. In this episode, listen to Casanova as he shares with you the ways on how you can overcome fear and rejection and using these two to build your character and to gain the momentum to pursue your dream.

Here’s what you missed:

What is the fear of failure?

  • “Now a fear of failure is something that I think lives in all of us.” – (00:58)
  • “But yet there’s a little friend in your head that has maybe allowed you to create a story that you’re not good enough that you’re not strong enough. That you don’t have enough resources and we all have that little person, and that becomes your fear of failure.” (01:20)
  • “33% of all Americans don’t go after their dreams, their goals or business. Because they have a fear of failure ” (01:40)

Three questions you should ask yourself when you encounter failure

  • “What did you learn from the experience?” (03:30)
  • “the thing to really think about and understand is after that year one or after this first try, right? What did I learn from this experience?” (04:31)
  • “Number two, what did I gain from this experience? Because we always he’s looking at failures as negatives, but the reality of it is, is there are some positives.” (04:53)
  • ” And the last one is what would I do differently next time?” (05:37)
  • “most of the time, the reason why you did it, in the beginning, is because you were trying to solve a problem. You saw that there was a need and you also saw that you could add value” (05:47)

Gain confidence and remove the doubt

  • “All of those things will then create the confidence in you and what confidence leads to his action. And if you can have the action that will remove all of the doubt.” (06:34)
  • “So when you think about failure, understand that your failure is not really a failure because you can’t fail at your destiny. You can’t fail at your purpose. You can’t fail at your dreams, right? You’re not competing with anyone else. You’re only competing with being a better version of yourself the next day.” (06:44)
  • “…to get to something most of the time you have to go through it.” (07:14)

What’s the worst that could happen?

  • “So the next time that you are thinking about failure, you’re thinking about why you can’t do something. I would encourage you to look at, Hey, what is the worst that could happen?” (08:44)
  • “Even if that worst, that could happen, can I bounce back from it? 99% of the time that answer is yes, 99% of the time your ego might be hurt…but you absolutely can bounce back from it” (09:04)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “Failure is only there to allow you to build character.” (03:11)
  • “…because understand that your dreams and your goals are always meant to be in pursuit.” (07:54)
  • “That means that I got to get uncomfortable. I got to do something that I’ve never done before because I need to experience something that I’ve never experienced before.” (09:25)




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