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DreamNation Episode 196 – Audria Richmond: Create Money On Demand

Getting a hustle business may be good, but sometimes, it’s just not enough or satisfying in the long run. How do you come up with a sustainable business? What are the skills and strategies that you need to run it? How do you step up your entrepreneurial game?

If you’re looking to up your game, better listen to our guest for this week’s episode. Let Audria Richmond help you to create money on demand.

Audria is a sought-after marketing launch strategist. Using her signature “Uncloned Marketing Method” she strategically maps and implements talked-about marketing campaigns that lead to exploding results.

Here’s what you missed:

Wanting more than a hustle business

  • “You know, how you, in an environment, you don’t know what you need. You just know you need something different” (02:28)
  • “And I think that it was me graduating from like this hustle mindset to like wanting to actually grow a business.” (03:34)
  • “…I think that when you are around people who haven’t been taught to want more or want more, it can be very difficult to be in the same spaces with those types of people.” (03:45)

Finding your tribe

  • ” I would definitely say at the time I was dating this guy in high school and, uh, he introduced me to computers. ” (04:40)
  • “So I think that if he wouldn’t have introduced me to the computer, I truly believe I would probably have a ton of kids by now. Um, I think that I would be still working a nine to five ” (05:21)

Creating money on demand

  • ” Listen, you got to understand, once you get to these conferences, you’re going to meet people in the hallways. And that’s where it grows for you. ” (07:01)
  • “My first introduction to like online marketing or just being online period was watching YouTube… And then. I ended up joining a course. I don’t want to talk about who the course is, but I ended up joining this expensive course.” (07:27)
  • “I did not feel like I was in the right place, but I knew I had made the right investment. ” (08:13)
  • “I’m this creative person can a creative person make this kind of money.” (08:43)
  • ” I don’t care what nobody says until you’re able to prove it for yourself. That’s when it becomes real. And when I began to put myself out there in the first 60 days online, I made over $20,000.” (09:15)
  • ” I lost it because now I have something to sell…I think that at that moment, I realized that I could create money on demand.” (13:41)

Hiring a coach

  • “I had to quit those things to really figure out like, what’s the missing link. Like these things are actually dope. Like, why are, why are we still getting pink notices? And the common denominator was marketing.” (16:34)
  • “I really like group coaching because you get the mind share of everybody that’s in the group…” (17:10)
  • ” I have yet to meet someone of his caliber that is diverse enough. That knows about so many different business backgrounds. ” (17:31)

A sacrifice for change

  • “I was willing to be homeless for change and most people aren’t willing to sacrifice on that level.” (18:30)
  • “Like it’s hard to tell somebody, go hard, spend the money. Because there is a thing you have to do with the relationship with money,” (19:12)
  • “I had some faith and I was willing to risk it all.” (19:40)
  • “And so for me at that time, I was tired of being broke. It was either make this investment and lose a little, cause it really not losing at the time. I didn’t really think about it as an investment…Let me just go and pay for it. See what happens and it ended up being the best life decision ever.” (20:20)

A supportive partner

  • “It’s very rare that both parties come on board to make it happen.” (21:26)
  • “Like he really allowed for me to like, learn this new thing.” (21:43)

It’s a natural thing to be scared

  • “It’s a natural, natural human thing to be scared, to be afraid to, to not know, like, to me, that’s natural. That’s not a problem.” (22:56)
  • “I don’t think I’ve personally suffered from it based on what I’ve read, but I also, you know, have never been a person who like, I’ve always been a risk taker. I’ve always been willing to, willing to bet it all and lose it all. ” (23:27)
  • ” I don’t think that people think that something’s wrong with them. I think more so I would associate imposter syndrome with a fear of success.” (24:58)

Who’s feeding the funnel?

  • “There are two types of people, right? There are visionaries. And then there are integrators. Very few people are both. ” (26:55)
  • “A visionary. Right. You see it all. And then there are the integrators. There are the people who make the trains run. ” (27:06)
  • ” Like I literally know how to do a full-fledged marketing campaign by myself with no support.” (27:32)
  • “…the truth is no, you got to feed the funnel that ain’t, that ain’t sleep, know the funnel can’t get fed while you sleep. Unless you’re running ads” (29:42)

Be a multi-passionate

  • “I am that person on the opposite side that embraced the Jack of all trades. Now I do believe that you should focus on one project at a time that I do believe in, but I don’t think you have to limit yourself or niche yourself to a particular thing.” (31:13)
  • “A lot of ideas are just projects. Just organize them by order of importance or by highest profitability and just roll it out.” (31:41)

How to make your first thousand dollars online

  • “The first version is get money today. Formula. Literally all you need is something to sell. And someone to sell it to” (32:47)
  • “I want to make a heap of money and I only want to do this one time. Then webinars are going to be your jam ” (33:34)
  • “you’ve got thrive cart, like all of these cool tools, throw your stuff in there, put your price in there, have a way to deliver what you promise. And then while I go get your money.” (33:59)

Graduate from the DIY mindset and hire people

  • ” I don’t need anymore. If I get one more opportunity, I’m going to explode and that’s supposed to be a good thing, but it wasn’t a good thing because not because I didn’t have the system, but because I had a bad business model.” (37:10)
  • “…but it had to be two things would be my business model and hiring help a lot sooner.” (37:30)

Get a scalable business model

  • ” The one-on-one versus the group model. That one-on-one is very hard to scale.” (38:02)
  • “So that’s pretty much my business model, but the accelerator is group and the mastermind is a group. There is no one-on-one. I eliminated one-on-one completely from my business model last year. ” (38:49)
  • “No, do the one-on-one because it makes sense now, but as you get a bigger community, the quicker you can put four and five people in the group. Go ahead and make the switch… there’s a lot of data that you get from a one-on-one that you don’t get in a group setting. ” (39:15)

How do you create and approach a business?

  • “How did he approach building a business because. He has he hears, he’s so diverse in his thinking and like how many businesses he want to take on and like, like why he wants to get in that industry when you’re in the camping industry.” (40:30)
  • “what’s his thought process for like what he wants to put in his portfolio or be attached to it” (40:47)
  • “I’d like to watch content from people who have people that support them in a way where you see, but you also don’t feel far removed from his content… I get excited about his content for sure. Because it motivates me and it makes me be like, you know what? I ain’t gotta do all this stuff by myself.” (41:21)

Innovation is the key to success

  • “And I think you have to allow for diversity because our brain is all about individuality” (42:20)
  • “…because if you look at somebody’s posts and as soon as you see it, all you can think is I’m about to create the same thing. You cloning, you are cloning. You got to unclone yourself” (42:38)

Start where you are

  • “I would say start where you are. I think we’re always trying to skip to 10 instead of just starting where we are at the process. It’s the process. The journey is the journey. So enjoy it” (44:47)
  • “…if it’s meant to happen, I promise you God, ain’t going to let me miss the opportunity.” (45:05)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • ” I always want to know what kind of experiences have you had in life, because if you’ve had a diverse array of experiences, it allows you to latch on and find things that typically wouldn’t be in your scope because it’s now being introduced to you.” – Audria Richmond, (06:03)
  • “But I feel like I sold my soul, but it didn’t feel like that back then, because it was life changing…And it allowed me to show up differently that I hadn’t been able to do previously.” – Audria, (14:10)
  • “One thing that I learned, and it was tough for me to, to really feel like it was true until I experienced it. But the best, just like what you said is still works. You give one page and you have somebody book a call with you” – Casanova, (15:18)
  • “…don’t get hyped for the moment. ” – Casanova, (22:47)
  • “…your best is your best. And if you do your best, you don’t have to worry about other stuff” – Audria, (26:18)
  • “And so if you’re not being, you know, closed. Uh, responded to people following up with them. You can get lost in the sauce, not being afraid to promote, promote your stuff. Tell people where you at tell them how to get you money. Don’t be afraid.” – Audria, (35:51)

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