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DreamNation Episode 166 – Johnny Elsasser: How To Embrace Vulnerability As Men

When you see yourself in the mirror, do you like who you are looking at? Are you currently in your best or worst state? Do you feel lost or trapped? What kind of man do you want to become?


These questions and more were tackled by our podcast guest, Mr. Johnny Elsasser. He is a former Army Ranger, a men’s leadership coach, and the host of The Art of Masculinity podcast. His journey of becoming a men’s leadership coach began when he joined the army at 17 years old. He spent 10 years of his life in the Middle East. He has been put in the toughest situations and harshest environments and had to persevere. Things went downwards though when he came back to the US. Feeling a loss of sense of purpose, he became depressed and alone. He started to struggle with his own masculinity of who he is showing up as. During these dark times, he realized what he should have done, and that’s to become more vulnerable and honest with what he feels. He also came to understand that this does not mean he is less of a man, on the opposite, this is what real men look like.


Today, he is helping other men to figure out how they can be more empathetic, how vulnerability and honestly actually boosts confidence, and how they could show up in a certain way, every single day, to be able to empower the next generation. Johnny has given out really interesting perspectives and actionable things of what people can do to start to understand who they are and become the person they want to be. I can not wait for you, our dear tribe, to put into perspective the huge nuggets shared in this fire episode!


Here’s What You Missed:


  • Johnny’s early career life, and how he went from being tough in wars to being empathetic and vulnerable
  • How society paints a picture of masculinity as opposed to how should men be- consistent and authentic
  • How to get away with limiting beliefs
  • The difference between setting up a desire and expectation
  • What is ‘introspection of emotions’
  • Align your beliefs and perspective to your goals

Johnny Elsasser: How To Embrace Vulnerability As Men ?


Podcast Flow



[4:43] Johnny shared his story of how he has gotten to his purpose of helping other men


[8:52] Johnny was lost, after 10 years of service in the Middle East. His worst version of himself.


[10:14] His pivot. First self-development book, and his realization of what his purpose really is


[15:36] His transition from being in the army to showing empathy


[19:58] What society says about masculinity and how we paint that in our minds


[20:49] What’s real masculinity is. Being consistent and authentic, and showing honesty and vulnerability


[26:24] How his wife taught him to shy away from limiting beliefs, by joining a mastermind. Be a support system.


[31:36] Who do we need to become?


[36:02] Set a desire, rather than an expectation


[38:56] The importance of ‘introspection of emotions’


[46:49] How your beliefs and perspective affect your journey





[3:05] The future of this world is this younger generation. If we’re not giving them a bright light to follow and we’re not giving them the right guidance, then we’re setting them up for failure.


[11:21] Men will only listen to guys that they respect their background. Men just struggle so much in today’s society.


[14:15] Casanova: You have a unique skill set or at least an experience that allows you to speak the language of someone else


[16:54] I was so much blocking my own insecurities because I didn’t want other guys to think I was less than them. Most of us men block those insecurities because of the fact that we just don’t want to feel emasculated.


[17:L37] If we really want to be honest with ourselves, it’s all about letting each other know we’re going through the same stuff,


[19:12] Being vulnerable and open and having empathy towards other people is actually very masculine.


[20:29] You get the opportunity to write your own version of your blueprint, to develop the man that you do want to show up as one that’s consistent and authentic with you. What you do is you just sprinkle in honesty and vulnerability in certain conversations with people that you trust


[21:11] The strongest men are the most vulnerable. Confidence comes from vulnerability.


[27:51] She decided to not have a limitation and cognizant decided not to have a block. And then she created what she wanted.


[29:04] About 70% of what our subconscious tells us is negative on a regular basis. If you let that win, then your dream is, is truly just a dream.

[31:22] Look at being a man of empathy and support and wisdom and counseling and guidance, not somebody of limitations.


[33:12] Casanova: Innovation is made out of risk.


[36:02] if you set a desire for something but not an expectation, do you ever really fail? No. Failure is something that we create ourselves.


[39:15] You’re not bad at meditation. You just can’t sit with your own mind. Introspection allows you to challenge your own limiting beliefs and introspection allows you to challenge your own emotions.


[41:49] One thing you can never do: You can never escape yourself. Take the time to learn that person. That’s where true happiness comes.


[44:43] There’s nothing in this external world that can bring you down faster and more effectively than yourself.


[44:53] The most prized real estate you have is the six to eight inches between your ears.


[46:49] Whether you are, or you aren’t, you’re right.

Because the beliefs you tell yourself are always right. And they’re either going to limit you or allow you to expand.



Podcast Guest Links:


Johnny Elsasser Website and podcast:                            https://www.johnnyelsasser.com/

Johnny Elsasser Instagram:                                                                https://www.instagram.com/johnny.elsasser/

Johnny Elsasser Facebook:                                                https://www.facebook.com/artofmasculinity/

Johnny Elsasser Youtube:



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