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DN246 – Gretchen Rubin: Creating Your Own Happiness Project

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  •         Introduction
  •         Who is the Lois Lane, When It Comes to Gretchen Rubin? [00:01:49]
  •         Her Journey from Kansas City to Nebraska to New York City? [00:04:23]
  •         When Did She Decide that She Wanted to Go to Yale? [00:05:41]
  •         Why Did She decide to Leave Her Clerking Job to Embark on Her Writing Career? [00:07:29]
  •         What Did the Journey of Publishing Her First Book Look Like? [00:11:10]
  •         What Inspired Her to Write The Happiness Project? [00:16:23]
  •         Why She Does Not Seek Anyone Else’s Validation for Her Ephipanies? [00:18:53]
  •         Self Publishing vs. Working with an Agent [00:24:10]
  •         How to Approach an Agent as a Writer? [00:26:01]
  •         Is it Still Possible to Land Six-Figure, Seven-Figure Publishing Deals? [00:29:26]
  •         How to Build and Start Your Own Happiness Project? [00:33:46]
  •         One Thing She Wishes She Had Implemented Sooner to Accelerate Her Journey? [00:39:51]
  •         Where to Find Gretchen Rubin [00:41:20]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova talks with Gretchen Rubin. She talks about how she decided to become a writer and leaving her career in law, how she ended up living in New York City, why she decided to go to Yale, how she published her first book, her belief in epiphanies, and why she does not seek validation from others about them, her experience of working with an agent, how writers should approach agents, and much more. Have a listen.

Key Quotes:

  •         “What I found in my life as a writer and a podcaster and all the things that I’m doing, like sometimes you got to make up the ladder. Like, no one’s showing you the plan…”
  •         “For me, the drive came, it was less about wanting to leave law and more, and not even so much wanting to be a writer, it was wanting to write this specific book, which I was already well on the way to writing…”
  •         “I think sometimes people know what they want to leave, but they don’t know where they want to go, and that’s hard to figure out…”
  •         “One of the things that I often remind myself is to enjoy the fun of failure, and if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough, and so I was like I’m just, I just have to try it and see where I get and keep trying…”
  •         “Don’t wait for somebody to tell you that something’s a good idea because they haven’t may have their own agenda or their own subconscious beliefs…”
  •         “Anybody, who’s thinking about getting an agent, you definitely want to go out with the best foot forward at every stage because agents and publishers are very pressed for time, and so they’re just going through things as fast as they can…”
  •         “I would just say to people, always be focusing on why this is a great book for an eager audience, more than your own passion for it…”
  •         “It’s always helpful to start with your physical body because our physical experience always colors our emotional experience…”
  •         “Great exercise, it’s like a magical elixir of life. It calms us down and helps us sleep, but it also boosts our energy…”
  •         “Then another thing I would say is, really think about relationships because ancient philosophers and contemporary scientists agree that to be happy, we need strong enduring relationships…”



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