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DN 245- Dorie Clark: Playing The Long Game: Being a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  •         Introduction
  •         Who is the Lois Lane, When It Comes to Dorie Clark? [00:01:59]
  •         What Was the Childhood Like for Dorie Clark? [00:03:43]
  •         Was She Supported When She Went to College at the age of 14? [00:06:08]
  •         Why Did She Decide to Get a Degree in Theological Studies? [00:07:47]
  •         What was Her Experience Like When She First Came Out? [00:09:28]
  •         Her First Entrepreneurial Endeavor that She was Able to Manifest and Turn into a Real Business? [00:13:28]
  •         Strategies that Helped Her Reinvent Herself. [00:16:57]
  •         How to Successfully Monetize Your Expertise? [00:22:22]
  •         How Entrepreneurs Can get into the Monetization Side of Being a Content Creator?
  •         How to Build a Strong Personal Brand? [00:26:19]
  •         Who Does She Turn to for Inspiration? [00:29:28]
  •         How Did She Get into Coaching? [00:31:20]
  •         What is Her ‘Why’ Behind Coaching? [00:33:00]
  •         One Thing She Wishes She Had Implemented Sooner to Accelerate Her Journey? [00:34:58]
  •         Where to Find Dorie Clark [00:36:21]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova talks with Dorie Clark. She talks about her childhood, growing up in a golf resort town, getting into college at the age of 14, getting a Master’s degree at the age of 20, her experience as an openly gay person after she came out, her experience of working in various fields and how she was able to repeatedly reinvent herself. She also shares strategies that people can use to monetize their expertise, and much more. Have a listen.

Key Quotes:

  •         “You want to have people that are cheerleaders, no matter what, having really good friends and colleagues who are in the same business as you matters a lot…”
  •         “I just felt like my entrepreneurial ambitions were stymied, and mostly what that meant was that I just hated being a kid…”
  •         “A lot of the uncertainty that people feel about their sexuality is not actually uncertainty about their sexuality. It’s uncertainty about, do I want to deal with all the baggage around it…”
  •         “So, it really was not even a glimmer in my eye. It was a much more, an emergent property, I guess you could say that I realized at a certain point I could be an entrepreneur…”
  •         “You get to eat what you kill and you have to attune yourself very quickly to the market needs as a result…”
  •         “You have to have a real sensitivity to others’ needs in order to succeed, which I think is quite powerful…”
  •         “There’s a lot of ways, if you’re smart on the backend that you really can create ongoing revenue stream…”
  •         “Ultimately when you have a strong brand, literally almost everything else in your life becomes much easier downstream.
  •         “If you can change the dynamic and have clients come to you and ask oh, will you please work with me as compared to having to knock on doors forever, that can really change the trajectory of your professional life…”
  •         There’s three pieces that kind of interact together when it comes to becoming a recognized expert in your field, and they are: content creation, social proof, and your network, and they all amplify each other.
  •         “If people are asking you, Hey, do you do a thing? You shouldn’t just be like, no, I don’t do that thing. You start to be like, oh, maybe I should do that thing. If people are interested enough to be asking about it…”


  •         Entrepreneurial You by Dorie Clark
  •         Stand Out by Dorie Clark
  •         The Long Game by Dorie Clark
  •         dorieclark.com/thelonggaame
  •       https://twitter.com/dorieclark

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