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5 Must-Have Communication Skills to Dominate Real Estate

5 Must-Have Communication Skills to Dominate Real Estate

Most people learning real estate focus on the technical skills that you need to make a successful deal like managing your cash flow or running the numbers on a potential deal. While these are essential, there are some other skills that deserve attention.


These skills involve working with people.


At the end of the day, real estate is a people business. It’s about relationships between a buyer and seller, a property manager and owner, contractors with their team. Without these relationships, nothing gets done.


So it’s essential that you develop and sharpen your communication skills.


If you’re looking to make bigger deals with less stress, you need to become an expert at communication.


While improving any communication skill is important, there are some important aspects to these skills that are specific to real estate investing.


That’s what we’re looking at below

Top 5 Communication Skills for Real Estate


  1. Negotiation

Negotiation is one of the top skills you need to make sure you’re getting the best deal on a property. Whether you are a buyer, investor, flipper, rehabber, contractor, agent or anything, you need the skill to be able to analyze information (like an offer for a property), communicate your opinion, and decide on an agreement that works for you.


  1. Active Listening

In real estate, you’re going to hear information but you need to be “in the moment” when you do. Especially in face-to-face negotiations, you want to be aware of their words and the way those words are delivered. People give off clues in their language, which can help you determine the best time to push for a more aggressive deal or stand back.


  1. Questioning

It might not seem obvious, but asking good questions is a really important skill in real estate. When you are buying a house, you need to know which questions to ask so you can quickly identify good leads, address seller or investor concerns. The more prepared you are with potential questions, the faster your deals will be.


  1. Storytelling

Another non-obvious skill that can really help you in real estate is storytelling. By storytelling, we don’t mean lying, but presenting your message in an engaging and concise manner. Storytelling comes in real handy, for example, when connecting with the right investors at a networking event.


  1. Writing

One obvious skill you need in real estate is writing. From listings to contracts and everything in between, real estate requires a lot of written words. However, writing the right words to achieve the right purpose requires the right skills. Some of the writing skills that are especially important for you to have (or outsource) include:

  • Copywriting: Ads, listing.
  • Legal writing: Contracts, etc.
  • Blogging on your website
  • Email writing/marketing for leads.


Real Estate Will Always Be a People Business

No matter how technically advanced real estate gets, at heart it is still a people business. It requires knowing how to communicate with people (either written or verbal) every step of the way. To succeed, you need to continuously sharpen your skills as a communicator if you want to keep making deals and mastering real estate throughout your career.

Getting Your Start

So let’s say you’re ready to get started? How do you improve your communication skills so you stay competitive and valuable in real estate? How do you even know where to start?


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