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Master Public Speaking with a (Former) Shy Engineer – Arman Chowdhury | Episode #84

The quarantine caused by the coronavirus has drastically changed the way we work. For some of us, the quarantine is forcing us to change (or at least reconsider) jobs. For others, the quarantine is forcing us to get comfortable with new work-from-home technologies like Zoom and Slack.

Master Public Speaking with a (Former) Shy Engineer


In that kind of world, how do you continue to develop your communication skills?

How do you communicate your personality and skills in an online interview? What if you have to give a presentation?

In this episode of the DreamNation podcast, we talk with Arman Chowdhury, a (formerly) shy engineering student who conquered his fear to build his own personal brand around speaking. Arman shares about his background, transitioning to the US, and learning to conquer one of humanity’s greatest fears.

I’m talking about public speaking.


Here’s What You Missed

  • How to develop confidence outside of your comfort zone
  • Why is public speaking so scary?
  • Why is public speaking so scary (introvert edition)?
  • 2 ways to improve your public speaking skills today
  • Getting your first speaking gig
  • Why public speaking is not a competition (Hint: It’s a journey)


Important Podcast Moments

[1:48] Origin Stories: Arman’s journey from a shy kid to public speaking guru

[4:15] How did you develop your own confidence?

[9:40] Learning to communicate between cultures

[11:08] Breaking free of the “awkward engineer” stereotype

[15:37] What can I do today to improve my communication skills?

[16:53] How do you conquer the fear of public speaking?

[19:33] What should I expect while I’m learning public speaking skills?

[21:00] How do you get into public speaking?

[23:40] Finding your speaking topics

[26:20] Why you need emotions for public speaking

[27:10] What’s your biggest lesson?

[28:53] What is your biggest mistake that other people should look out for?


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Guest Bio

Arman Chowdhury moved from Bangladesh to America at age 5, became an engineer while also mastering communication skills and developing a public speaking business teaching engineers and entrepreneurs how to level up their communication skills


Armani Talks website

Armani Talk on YouTube

Armani Talks on Twitter


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