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DNRE 92 – Casanova on REV: Zero to 46 Deals in First Nine Months

In this episode from the series of Casanova’s appearance as a guest on other podcasts, Casanova and host Patrick Lilly talk about how he overcome adversity, built his network, his persistence and journey towards self-development.

 How Did Things Start Out for Casanova? [00:04:55]

  •         How Was He Able to Handle Pressure and Remain Focused During the Hard Times? [00:18:34]
  •         How was He Able to Land 46 Deals in His First Nine Months? [00:20:36]
  •         How Did You Find the Agent Listing Open Houses Versus the Builder Open Houses? [00:22:15]
  •         When Did He Have the Realization That Being Aggressive, Showing That You’re Hungry Would Pay Off? [00:24:52]
  •         How He Followed Up with the Leads on His Open Houses? [00:26:26]
  •         What Else Was He Doing Besides Open House to Do Those 46 Deals? [00:27:44]
  •         How Did He Build His Social Media Presence? [00:31:15]
  •         What Was His Next Step After He Started Getting a Consistent Pay? [00:35:04]

·         His Advice For the Listeners [00:36:01]

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